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hello all, hope you havent forgot me! I need dragging back!!!


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Not been on for a while as I have been soooo bad I have just lost the plot completely :cry:. If you can remember a while a go I had two weeks where I put on and I lost it a bit after that then I thought I was getting back on track but I wasnt. It went downhill from there then it was my in laws anniversary do and as me my hubby and little boy live with them i helped with the food. I actually managed to resist all day and at the start of the evening then I let the temptation of a huge carrot cake beat me and its been a full on food war since then :mad::D! Plus Ive just had operation on my right hand for carpel tunnel and ive got to have one on my left hand soon. So that made things very difficult these last few days and ive got a cold :D. My hubby was away working when I had my op, so me and my little boy stayed at my mum and dads and my mum looked after us :D.

I keep saying this but I no that its me thats got to do it. I always make the mistake as well of not coming on here because I feel ashamed that I've fallen off the wagon. But its you fab lot that are part of what helps me stick to and get back on plan!

So, sorry for hiding away please have me back :wavey:

Soooo (she says sheepishly) can you help me come back to the fold?
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Hiya Jodi,

Welcome back!! Your last few weeks sound very much like mine, I've just come out of hiding today too (few lbs heavier... oooops!) ;)

Hope you are on the mend now? Good to have you back :D

Do you have plenty of SW friendly food to eat at home now? I've been eating everything non sw possible for the last cpl weeks, day dreaming about the high syn foods I'd be eating, now trying to turn that around & think of the healthy things I'll be making.

Well done for nipping it in the bud :)

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hope you can both get back on track now
I have started slimming world today
it seems like a good day for new and restarters :)
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Hi Jodi welcome back. I hope that you are on the way back to SW now and all is going a little better for you.

Good luck


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I have been shopping today and have filled my fridge and cupboards with SW friendly foods. I have also set my phone with afew reminders to encourage and remind me why I am doing SW. I have made up a few days worth of fruit salad and ratatouillie in the fridge as well. I am also going to try extra easy for a week to see if the change suits me better. So I have all the right things in place, I just need to make sure I am, lol!

Couteaux, your right we will be eating lovely healthy food that makes us feel good all the time, not junk that makes us feel good while we are eating it and then makes us feel bloated and yucky, lol! or is that just me? Seriously in moderation treats are fine but when I eat them to excess, within afew days I start to feel sluggish and worn out and bloated! But when I eat healthly, with a few days I feel loads better for it. I must remember this next time I'm tempted!


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Jodi really missed you. You are so normal, honest and friendly. Biggest hugs and a kick up the backside lol xxxxxxx


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Jodi you are totally right! I found myself eating loads of food I didn't even really want. I was chomping chocolate without even really tasting it, eating junk that I knew would make me feel bad and while I was eating I was thinking about how much better I felt on SW! Really silly, I think we have to do these things to show us why we're on SW in the first place.

The journey may take us a bit longer, but we'll still get there and will know we can do this long term :)

Love the idea of setting reminders on your phone!


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Thanks Brightonrosie, and thank you very much for the kick up the bum, lol! You know what, lying to myself and my family about food in the past is part of what got me here, I used to be so secretive, I could eat a cake in front of you and you wouldnt know, lol!

Seriously I dont like the person I am when food takes over. I started to get secretive again about it and I knew that was not good so I told my family and friends how I was feeling and that I needed help. Thats another bad habit ive go,t I dont ask for help as soon as im struggling I wait because secretly I want that cake, then it all gets out of hand and then I ask for help. But I am learning that I must ask for help straight away coz Ill tell ya what, that cake dont taste that great and neither does the next one, and before you know it you've put on 4 1/2lb and you feel trapped! And thats what family, friends, SWC and minimins are for they are there for you whenever you need them especially family. I am lucky that I have a great family that I am very close to, I dont know why they put up with my diet moaning, lol!

Dont be afraid to ask for help even if it seems like something silly,just nip it in the bud!


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Couteaux, set up about 5 to go off throughout the day. e.g. one in the morning so its the first thing you see in the morning because sometimes when ive been starting a diet ive forgot and had something bad in the morning, lol. One at your most munchiest time. Mines in the evening so it will help me to not eat naughty things but SW things. Then a I have set afew thoughtout the day to keep me going and focused.


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Thanks Jodi, I'll set some up today! I really relate to the secretive eating too, I have a bad habit of wanting to eat the minute I am alone, I have to remind myself I am back on the plan as it is just an instant reaction!

I had a dream last night that I had a big binge on sweets and chocolate, was so relieved to wake up and realise I hadn't!

Hope you had a good night and you're feeling positive about things today x


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Welcome back Jodi! Just draw a line and get stuck into EE! You'll wonder why you did anything else!
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Welcome back and good luck for getting back on track.
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Hi Jodi, welcome back! I have been struggling the past few weeks too. I had 2 nights out at very nice restaurants last week, so back on track this week. I spent Sunday making soup and veggie burgers, to make sure I had good food available. My advice is to pick whatever SW meals appeal the most to make sure you are happy to eat them.

Mrs V

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Hi Jodi and welcome back Hun...yes we had missed you!
Carpel tunnel isnt fun...I've suffered with it since I was 11 and they still wont operate on me. Instead I have to suffer the cortisone injections. I now have tendonsynovitis (sp?) in my thumb tendons and thats not getting any better ....my hands go numb! Have another appointment at the end of the month and I am hoping that this will finally be sorted out!

Anyway, welcome back and good luck Hun....you can do this, you already have!



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I hope they sort you out Mrs V!

You are looking good Judimac!

Tracybackinuk I am going to do a chicken and ham soup to nibble on, yum and then SW chips, beans, eggs, quorn sausages for tea after weigh in,delish!
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Hi Jodi

I am back after a couple of weeks too- lots of events and a holiday in New York. I have gained and I agree there is a certain shyness about coming back to 'the gang' so you are not alone there!

I completely agree with you and couteaux that once you let things out of conrol old habits start back, but again agree that it was nice in a way that the 'treats' weren't as great as I remembered and I went to bed a few nights feelings physically sick, bloated and unable to sleep.

I was actualy really excited yesterday about starting back on SW loving all the fruit, veg and creative cooking I do on it.....I am also going to steal your idea of phone alerts- excellent idea!

Welcome back, good luck and look only to the future


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It was my weigh in today, needless to say i had put on 1 1/2lb so thats 6lb in 3 weeks :eek::eek::eek: but it was expected. But i do love my class and i feel refreshed after being there and im determined to have a 100% SW day tomorrow!


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welcome back Jodi! You started a few weeks after me and it's like you get to this sudden loss of motivation zone isn't it. I've been struggling for a few weeks now, having several 100% days but then blowing it at the weekend.

Good luck with this week hun, hope you get back in the zone:)

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