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Hello all, I need some help and FAST!!

Isnt it funny how it seems to be us chaps who are moaning and suffering with this LT thingy.

Me an the wife started it last monday. I have lost a stone in a week (not healthy surely?) and she has lost 8lb (better but she has MUCH less to lose!)

My problem is i feel like cr*p the WHOLE time. I kind of thought doing this would make me re evalute the way i look at food and drink - I love cooking and wine! and i work out on the road on my own a lot, staying in hotels and eating lots of lovely resteraunt food - BUT all that i have done for the last 8 days is think about food food and more food.

Couple this with the headaches, nausea, dizzy spells, near fainting, muscle aches, breathlessness, shakes and sweats and general grumpiness; I am beginning to wonder if these feelings will go away! (dont even talk about the monkey breath and constipation). I guess i must be in Ketosis by now but i still feel like death warmed up. I know this is just another bloke with his "dying duck in a thunderstorm" routine, but i will go to the end of this week,(mostly because i have already paid for the dreaded shakes) before i will have to think about coming off this (reluctantly mind you, i really wanted it too be he answer)

I have a fairly active job and lifestyle and i simply dont think i am getting all i need to make my body function. I wonder whether full on Atkins would be a better idea for me.

Bacon......mmmmmmm baaaacooon

Help PLEASE:eek::eek:
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Your doing just dandy! Everyone has there rough times (mine was week one AND week two) But it DOES get better, it really does.

At some point youll get to the stage where you have to force yourself to have your shake, not because you cant stand them, but because you arent actually hungry. And thats when it gets easy.

Its a pretty tough diet, but if youve got through week one then you can get to your desired weightloss target.

Hang in there, your doing great!


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Honestly mate it does get better. Get glugging the water and after another week or so it will really ease up. I've done Lipotrim, Cambridge Diet and Atkins to lose my weight. I suggest leaving Atkins until the last stone, as the opportunity to cheat is far greater then when you SS.

You can do it mate....you've had a fantastic loss...and yes a stone is healthy for the first week as a lot of the loss will be glycogen and not all fat...it will balance out.

Please keep going until the next weigh in.....you'll start to feel better, your energy will go right up and it should be a lot easier. If you give up, I promise you in a couple of months you will be regretting that decision as you'll know what weight you could be if you had the will power to stick with it.

DONT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!
Welcome onboard to you and your lovely lady and well done for your first week losses - awesome!

It does get easier so hang in there, one thought are you drinking enough water?

1st bloke ive heard moan to be honest!!


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Cant talk from a man's point of view but I am on my second week nearing starting my third and I feel horrible,tired,hungry and very very grumpy.I have done this before and I dont remember it being this bad before.
Although its bad at times,I am going to have to stick at it because its the only way to get the weight off in a fairly short time.
Its up to you but youve done really well in a short time,its only a short time out of our lives to feel and look better.Good luck with whatever you decide x
I'm on day 11 and just starting to feel normal again. Although things do go a bit grey when I stand up too fast.... lol

It will pass, keep hydrated and take it easy when you can! Best of luck to you and your OH! x
Cheers guys!

Our problem is we have a little boy (14 months) and we like to cook the majority of his food ourselves so we know what goes into it. Right now my wife is cooking an amazing smelling sheperds pie, chicken and leek balls and chicken soup (gawd dont get me started on THAT chicken soup, is it me or is the devils wee wee). The house is filled with the aroma of food


Will really try to stick at it, dont want to be a fat dad.

By the way i'm 6'4" start weight was 18st 3lb, goal weight is about 14.5 15st, not massive i know, i'm normally 17, but seem to have "found" a stone from somewhere since junior was born (his food is soooo yummy!!!!)

Jonny, you and your lovely wife are doing brilliantly. My first few weeks I felt like death warmed up and had no energy. I'm 16 weeks in now and find I'm rarely hungry and it's after 9:30 and I still haven't had my last shake, a common occurrance for me!!!

I have 3 children and have to cook for them and my OH every night. The smell of the food is very tempting but I find a good long sniff is all I need.

Stick it out for another couple of weeks and see how you do. If it still isn't for you then reassess.

Good luck to you both.

WELL DONE!! A stone - that's incredible! Could that happen on Atkins?? I know a st isn't 'healthy' but it doesn't happen again I believe, just the first week and then you have a great steady loss of 3-7lbs.
I, for one, cannot think of any other diet that offers this - and let me tell you, I've tried many!
I'm only Day6 and admittedly, I haven't felt bad...until the last 2 days. Yesterday I SO wanted food.
As an ex-chef, I LOVE food and wine, so it's very strange for me not cooking and eating. It's something I enjoy.
Keep with it - when you've had such a good start, how can you not x

Good luck


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Jonnyboy, today is Monday the 25th of Aug 2008, you have made it thru weeks 2 and 3, and now feel a whole lot better. You're amazed at how good you feel and your wife is really excited too..!

Stick with us and compare notes in 2 weeks time..... YOU CAN DO THIS!
welcome to both you and your wife and congrats for starting lipotrim, I know what you mean about picking at childrens food my eldest is ten so I have ten years of picking done which accounts for alot of lbs on the scale.
Well, I am one of those whinging blokes, and I have just made it to week 2 WI and I am feeling much better. The first week was hell, but that has passed. yes I do think about food ALL THE TIME and those fast food adverts on telly are pure evil, but I am not giving up. I do get dizzy spells, but they can be got around by not getting up quickly etc. This is the quickest way you will EVER lose weight, so for that reason alone it is worth hanging in there. The second reason, which is possibly the most inportant, is that you should stick with it to support your wife. Or is she doing it to support you?

Anyway, you havent got that much to lose, you will be through it in no time, so whats 3-4 tricky months compared to a lifetime of feeling better, looking better, and being more healthy?? Stick in there mate, you will be sooooooo pleased you did.


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welcome jonny and well done.

it is hard at first, lets face it, you are not eating! thats bound to have an effect! as for the constipation, get some fibre clear from your chesmist, and some senna, take fibre clear every day and senna every 2-3 days if no movements...

i went through total hell for the 1st week, mini hell weeks 2-3, i'm at the start of week 6 now, 20lbs lighter, slimmer happier and feeling mostly human again!

take it easy. its the easiest diet in the world when you get used to it!
Cheers guys for all the help

I do feel a wee bit better this morning and the addition of a spoon of nescafe to my vanilla shake this morning was "pleasant" change

Gotta stick with this, but scared to death that it will all go back on as soo as we stop. My biggest issue is my works summer ball on september the 12th. Free food!!!!! work pay for me and the wife to attend, and its about th eonly thing you ever get back from work. I can see me falling off by then, but thats 6 weeks away yet, and i could have reached my goal by then?!!!!!!

Any advice (and dont say "dont go" coz thats not the answer i want to hear!!!!!!):rolleyes:
Six weeks is a lot of time to lose the weight. You will probably be at goal by then and be able to plan on what to eat, ie low/no carbs, mainly protein etc etc. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better today, it can be really crappy the first week to 10 days. Keep at it and keep glugging the water x x x


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Cheers guys for all the help... My biggest issue is my works summer ball on september the 12th. Free food!!!!! Any advice (and dont say "dont go" coz thats not the answer i want to hear!!!!!!):rolleyes:
So go! Go, but virtuously sip your sparkling water and smile knowingly when people can't get their heads round what you're up to! Then have your shake a bit later, then some tea or coffee later.
Check thru some of the threads here, lots of us have been out to social events and even on holiday, stuck to our LT, and still had a great time, AND felt fabulous the day after (that "I DID IT!" feeling...)

Work give you free food worth what -£100 per person max maybe? Let that go for something of much more value, come on!
Hello Jonny boy welcome on board to you and your wife and a big well done to your both for loosing over a stone and a half. Keep drinking the water and i am sure you will be fine!

With regards to works summer ball why dont you try and stick to your diet now and let the the 12th of September be a motivation to loose about 3stones before the ball and then you dont need to feel too bad when you start eating again and if before this day you havent reached your target then try and stick to protein and you can start again on the 13th! :):):)


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Jonny, re the soup. You will have a hand blender for your lttle one, so:- Put about 200ms boiling water in your shaker or a big jug, add your spoon of Fibreclear, some ground black pepper, mixed herbs and some dried chilli flakes (quarter teaspoon) Then add the chicken soup mix and whizz it thoroughly. Now top it up with more boiling water to about 300mls.
It's actually NICE like this!! Keep going xx

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