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Hello All I'm a Newbie - Day 1


Thought I'd stop and say hello :wavey:

My name is Kirstie I'm 33 and have struggled with my weight all my life.

I reached an all time high of 13st 6 (size 18) in 2008 so started Lipotrim and lost just under 4st. I've since gained 2st which is making me feel very unhappy so decided to go back to LT.

I just couldn't do it, a hint of the smell of strawberry was enough to make me sick :sign0137:

So after seeing an advert for Exante I've switched and just had my first tomato soup, it was lovely!

I can't believe I put up with the artificial taste of LT for so long.

So back to loosing weight properly. I noticed that Exante VLCD provides 600 cals a day compared to 450 on LT, will this slow my weight loss?

I look forward to hearing from you as we face this journey together.

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Hi Kirstie. I did LT in 2008 and changed to Exante this time round, its so much better isnt it! Im from Liverpool too, nice to see a fellow scouser on here.

I'd be curious if any 'old hands' on here can tell us is the increases cals does impede weight loss. Ive been so scared Ive only been having 2 meal packs a day and thats probably why Im off work with tonsilitis!!!!

Good luck Kirsty!
Laura x
Welcome Kirstie, I've only been doing it a week too, but it's working for me. I'd say it was important to have all 3 packs as they contain all your nutritional needs.
Hi Kirsty, yep I agree with Britchic, I'd go with the 3 packs. I was on LL last year and didn't really get on too well with the soups so I've stuck to the shakes and bars with Exante, and although its early days, I'm enjoying them.



taking it 1 day at a time
Welcome Kirstie and good luck.

It is important that you take all 3 packs in order to have all the necessary nutrients. As you say LT is 450 cals whereas Exante TS is 600. That's only 1050 calories a week more, meaning you may lose 1/3lb less per week, hardly worth bothering about in the big scheme of things.
Kirstie...apologies, realised I'd spelled your name wrong earlier! It's this lack of food you know, it's playing havoc with my brain cells.


Wow. 13st 6 an all time high. I think that's probably my goal. :(

Anyway, that aside, we're on our own journey here. And best of luck with yours.

And I concur with my esteemed friends above. When you take into account an average woman's calorie requirement (never mind what the diets contain) you will then see then that 150 cals a day is pretty damn negligible in the grand scheme of things. when you're taking figures that low, one near-starvation diet is much the same as another.

The alternative is to drop a 1/3 of your only nutrient source. Which if that's all you're eating, is a pretty huge thing to be missing out on.

So, the only thing that might slow your losses is that you (relatively) don't have a great deal to lose, rather than the calorie content of the diet, which is by the by. But that's a good thing. It means you'll be near goal in a flash :)
Hi Kirstie, I too am new to this and am from Liverpool. I have done Lipotrim and it worked a treat until I had to stop due to being pregnant. I am not sure about the other as I have never tried it. I am sure though that on 600 cals a day you will still loose weight quickly. It is important to have all of the servings for the nutrients.

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