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Hello all..... new to CC!!

Hello all, I'm new to calorie counting but not new to minimins.

I've been frequenting the slimfast forum since last summer, i've done ok on it but have started to get bored of shakes and ive been cheating alot recently meaning my weight has started to creep back up again......not good!

So i decided that i would stick to the principles of slim fast1,2,3 plan (1-600cal meal, 2-220cal shakes, 3-100cal snacks) but substitute the shakes for similar calorie "proper" foods eg. bowel of porridge, a sandwich, beans on toast etc.

On telling my other half my plan he said..... "so your just gonna calorie count then"...... so here i am, joining you guys!

I want to make sure i do this properly so im here asking for your opinions on my plan and make sure i've got it right this time.

Ive used Fatattack's sticky threat to figure out how many calories i should be having. I'll break my calculations down for you:

1) BMI - 5ft 5 164lbs = 27
2) BMR - 25 year old female = 1556
3) Harris-Benedict Equation - Im going to say i'm quite sedentary (although i go to the gym its quite infrequent and some weeks i dont go at all) so 1556x1.2 = 1867
4) 1bl weekly loss - 1867-500 = 1376

So... (rounding up to make things easier to calculate) im going to try having 1400 cals a day.

Plan of action:

250cal breakfast
600cal meal at lunch
250cal supper
300cal snack allowance

Although this is all approxamates.... i can swap and change and have a bigger supper and smaller dinner, more or less snacks etc. depending how i feel!!!

Today im having:

Porridge 50g - 180cals
Dried fruit 25g - 75cals
=255 cals

Banana =105cals

Turkey steak - 110cals
Baked Sweet potato - 270cals
Cauliflower 150g - 35cals
Broccoli 100g - 35cals
=450 cals

Fruit smoothy (mango, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, activia yogart) = 170cals

Weight Watchers bagel - 158cals
Cottage Cheese (with onion and chives) 100g - 75cals
=233 cals

TOTAL = 1213
i have 187 more calories to get from somewhere (maybe a packet of crisps in the evening if i fancy it, or some pudding after dinner)

What do you guys think??? Am i doing it right?? Of cause i'll be drinking plenty of water, green tea and i'll still be having my dailey cup of coffee.

Any hints, tips or suggestions??
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adores posting
Hi there i'm roughly on the same amount as you 1.400 your plan of action and meals look great to me good luck im normally doing sw but going to be trying calorie counting as of today and give it ago i gained 5lbs over the last week and i need to shift it.
Sounds great, make sure if you do manage to do any exercise that you allow yourself more calories on those days. So keep an eye of the gym machines say you've burnt and munch that much to give your body energy. Otherwise you'll burn muscle and/or cause your weightloss to stall. x
Sounds great. Yes good advice from Lindsey. Good luck :)

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