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Hello all - newbie here!

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Hi all!

I've only just started exploring this site but it looks fabulous!

I'm hoping it and the mutual support here will help me achieve my goal - which is to lose 60 pounds by my 45th birthday in July 2012.

I have been a binge eater since I was 12. My general tastes in food are fab (no sweet tooth, love my veggies, don't much like rich foods...) but every once in a while the Binge Demon gets me and I will consume thousands and thousands and thousands of calories in a single sitting (I'll eat foods I don't even like, just on the basis that they are fattening!!).

I am an emotional eater and after 30 years of losing weight on diets only to regain it all and then some with binges, I have decided to take a different tack - this time I am going to follow these basic rules -

(1) Only start eating when hungry (actually, physically, hungry!!)

(2) Stop eating when about three-quarters full (my test is - "Would I feel comfortable hiking half a mile uphill with this food in my stomach?" - if the answer's no, then I've eaten too much!)

(3) Eat whatever I fancy - with no regard to calorie or fat content.

(4) Go to the gym regularly and do lots of walking too.

I'm hoping that this will allow me to lose 60 pounds in 60 weeks. We shall see.

The killer will be avoiding emotional eating in times of heartache or stress, but I'm working on getting a list of things that I can do instead of eating for times like that!

So... sorry for the long intro, but that's me and I look forward to getting to know you!
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Hi again! I totally get you with the emotional eating, I used to do the same. Until I saw a therapist who got me to keep a food & mood diary for a week. Literally, you write down what you eat or drink, what time, and what you were feeling before and after. It's so weird how it works but I would definately recommend giving it a try. I've never been so emotionally detached from food and it is so liberating to acheive it.

Stick around on here and you will get all the support you want/need.


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Wahoo me and Taz found you! Sounds like a good idea Taz - for me it's generally chocolate that I will turn to when I'm not hungry. And another problem is the 'getting home snack' - when you get home from work STARVING. I've been known to have a slice of toast, a packet of crisps and some chocolate but then still eat all my dinner, even though I wasn't hungry, because it's dinner, *that's what you're supposed to do* lol. I think it might be tough to get out of the usual regimes - what the 'norms' are - when society dictates when you should eat. But it's a diet that makes a hell of a lot of sense.

I was following something similar at Uni, but it was easy for me as I was living in a 4 bed flat with mates and was in control of my own food, so I could eat whenever I liked. Saying that, it DID work. So I know you've got the right idea. :) xx
S: 14st2lb C: 13st12lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 0st4lb(2.02%)
Thanks guys! You're both doing so well!

I live alone - and tend only to see my boyfriend at weekends cos he works away - so in theory I can be very good about only eating when hungry. The practice is a little harder but hey ho.

I think if I can do this it will be a way of eating for life. I am allowing myself ALL foods. So if I want to just eat lard for dinner (unlikely but you get the idea!) I will - the only rule is obeying physical hunger, not eating beyond it, and never eating for emotional (rather than physical) reasons.

I really want to give this a proper go. Been flirting with it for over 6 months since reading some books about this style of weight loss... but still bingeing, which has meant I've put weight on. My goal now is to stop the bingeing/emotional eating altogether but still eat whatever I want. I'm hoping that this, combined with exercise, will tale weight off me but only time will tell.

I've started a blog on Minimins as I just know that I'm gonna need to pour it all out when I get the binge urge and I'm trying to do something other than eat!!

Thanks again for the welcome :)
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i too started a blog, for a whinge, my boyfriend is supportive, but i dont need to hear 'oh i love u as u are, i think youre beautiful' malarky when im dissing myself i need to hear 'yes stacey, put that mars bar down, you big horse' lol!


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Hello Thimblebug. I found you too! I'm also a Friday Girl. Welcome to minimins and as Taz said, you will certainly get all the help and advise you want/need.

One thing I will just say is eating when you get hungry is good but make sure you are not too hungry before you start eating otherwise you are in danger of overeating.

Good luck and look forward to hearing how you are getting on :)

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Hiya, I've found you as well! Good luck with your journey. You'll find loads of help, advice & friends on here to help you along the way. x :)


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Morning. Finding MiniMins has helped me so much over the last 3weeks and I'm sure it will help you as well. Lots of helpful tips and lots of surpport.
Good luck :)


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It's great here, you'll love minis!! good luck!
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No lol (and lol at the stalking comment! :eek:)

No, I tend to disappear off to my boyf's house at the weekend, so tend to go awol off the internet at weekends ;)

Thanks all of you so much for the lovely welcome - it's really helping me to feel positive about all this and I am really looking forward to getting to know you all better
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I just wanted to introduce myself as well. I'm 31 and realised I'm well over a stone overweight. Which I know loads of people will say isn't all that hideous but I just feel lumpy and unattractive, so it's got to go!!

I've decided to go with slimming world diet because I just don't cope well with being hungry counting calories or points. Plus, it just seems easier. I can't afford to attend a group along with other financial commitments I'm making though, so I've ordered a load of info off ebay and will be regularly checking in on here for support :)

I can see what everyone's saying about emotional eating - I eat massive amounts when I'm bored or feeling down (bloody hormones lol) so my weight loss plan is going to include two new hobbies at a local dance studio - zumba and pole dancing!!

I hope we can all chip in and please please please tell me off when I'm about to eat chocolate!! :)



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Nice to meet you Debbie, SW is indeed a great plan if you like to eat!

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