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Hello all

Proper noob here. Just back from the pharmacy with my first week's supplies, getting ready to start on Monday. I'd have started sooner but I'm off on holiday tomorrow until Sunday so I'll take my last chance to fill my boots ;)!

I'm so glad I've found this place as I really thought I was going to have to go it alone, there are few people in my circle who will understand such a dramatic step as LT, but needs must. They're not the ones out of breath, waking up aching because my fat stops me from getting comfy, constantly weighing up the entire room in a social situation to see if there's anyone fatter than me, feeling relieved when there is or mortified when there isn't. They've no idea what it is to have a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that no longer fit, and the feeling of self-loathing I get when I shop at 'fatty fashions' shops. They forget that 4 years ago I was a size 10, before I gave up smoking and made an even bigger mistake and went on Depo Provera, 6 months later and bingo, here's Bubba!!!:eek:!!!

So... sod them all, they can be as cynical as they like, they were when I went on Atkins and lost all my weight last time, the difference is this time, I won't be giving up ciggies, so the weight should stay off, here's hoping anyway.

I'm looking forward to getting started and getting to know you all and I've really enjoyed reading through a fair few of the threads, you're all such an inspiration :D. I'm wishing I wasn't starting LT on a work day but I have no choice really, I suppose I could put my first day off until a week Friday, but then that's almost a week of losing weight lost and I'm off to Greece in August so time is of the essence. Guess I'll just have to grin and bear it.

I'll go work out all the bells and buzzers and update my profile and then catch you all on Sunday, post-roast, the last one, *sobs* :cry:, LOL, only joking, I can't wait to get started, I'm sick of being lardy!!!

Bye for now all, looking forward to Monday.

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Just keep swimming ...
Welcome to forum Jiggerz! You'll find lots of support and encouragment here. There some amazing stories and always someone around to give you support when you having a bad day! Just one thing, on the main page there is a post by someone who found their start to LT easier because they had practically cut out the carbs in the run up to starting. Its something worth considering in the run up to your start next week!
Thank you Janey and well done, almost 2 stone in 5 weeks, that's amazing! Sadly my family would think I'd been told I was really ill if I didn't enjoy myself whilst up visiting but I still to a quite low carb diet anyway, apart from cider, lol ;)

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