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hello all

hiya and welcome. i am just going into week 5 and its the best thing i have ever done. stick to the first week and the rest just gets easier and easier. dont forget to drink plenty of water. have a great first week and let us know how you get on. dont forget you get great support from the guys on here so if you have any probs or questions just ask. good luck. x

Good luck, your gonna love it, it's fab!!!



Guess who's back...?
Hi Jubag!

I start on Sunday (well, first meeting on Sunday, probably start foodpacks on Monday) and I have six stone to lose... so it would be great if we could stay in touch throughout the journey! I started a thread a minute ago called August Starters - be good if you popped a reply on there, so we can find each other easily... hopefully there will be a few of us :) I AM SO EXCITED!

Annaphylactic x

PS. Have you cut down on carbs in preparation? I have heard it's good to, but I haven't... could always cut them out for next few days, but really want to have a nice couple of 'last days', lol.
Hi Julie, I have just posted in the returners, I too am re-starting tomorrow maybe we can chivvy each other along!!
Janey xx
hi there. hows the first day going? - i bet you are so excited to be starting! good luck hun - tell us how you are getting on. x
welli am so pleased i got through day one,wasn't too bad,we went out to paultons park with the girls and i managed to not eat a thing even with all the tempting smells from food stalls and my other half,mother inlaw and girls eating a lovely picnic i made,so am really pleased with myself!!!! hope you are all doing ok julie
Well thats me through day 2 so I do know from past experience that it gets better from here on, already I feel I am counting the hours until my first weigh in!!! Hope you are all getting on ok,good luck to everyone. Keep in touch.
How are you new starters getting on. Are you hungry for the first few days until ketosis kicks in. Is there any reason why you can't eat protein just until ketosis kicks in to stop you being hungry.


Guess who's back...?
Hi Kazd, I had the exact same question in my mind about eating protein - but from what I have read on here etc, I think it is because of the psychological work that LL does - i.e. taking you completely away from food so you can assess when you crave certain foods etc, and take you right back to the basics. The foodpacks contain everything you need to get you into ketosis within 3 or 4 days (which, from when I did Atkins, is even faster despite eating nothing but protein on Atkins).

I have just finished day one, and I found I was thinking about food alllll day - nightmare.... but it WILL get easier, and I've just been doing lots of things to distract myself (damn hard to start on a bank holiday!!) :D Thank god for minimins! :D

Annaphylactic x
Hi Anna

I did Atkins as well and loved the feeling of being in Ketosis, obviously though because I was eating I did not feel hungry and I got into Ketosis within three days. Slightly concerned about feeling hungry for the first few days with this one.


Guess who's back...?
I know what you mean - it is certainly a will power work out! Ha ha ha. It is scary though quite how often you reach for something to eat, without even realising it. I am lucky in that I don't have a significant other, or kids etc... so I have literally emptied my house, and now use my kitchen cupboards to store my summer clothes (which I evidently don't need at the moment, sob)...

So, yeah, the hunger isn't great at the moment (I'm in day two), but it's not long to wait until ketosis, so I will just hang in there! Have you got a start date yet? x

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