Hello all


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Thought I'd pop in and let you know I had a beautiful baby girl(yes that makes 5!!!) on October 10th-she weighed 8 lbs 1 and was 2 weeks late-here are some pics of her

Baby acne still visible

With Gosia

Little smile

Happy girl

and some more of her and her sisters



Much as I'd love to go back on CD I'm breastfeeding so will have to wait a little bit.(Just out of interest why can't we do CD when feeding?Is it the being in ketosis bit?)
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Aww wow, huge congratulations. 5 girls! that is just wonderful. I have 3 children 1 girl and 2 boys x


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congratulations and well done! 5 girls eh? your oh is going to be chuffed to bits with 6 hormonal women in the house in later years!!!!


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Congratulations!!! uv got beautiful girls. Ive got a daughter myself. Shes just turned 16months. Enjoy ur time with ur new baby and dont worry about cd too much. Ul have plenty of time to get back to it. x


Congratulations!! :))

You can;t CD while breastfeeding as you need all the nourishment you can for the baby. You need on average an extra 400 calories on top of the GDA of 1500 calories anyway. Just concentrate on enjoying her for the moment, CD will be there in the future XXX


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Omg 5 girls! I have 4 sisters we're with 5 too!!! (all same mum/dad) It's very rare but wonderful <33

You have lovely daughters, they look wonderful!

xxx Lostris


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Oh she is just gorgeous and the girls all look so lovely together - Congratulations :)