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Hello, another newbie with questions


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi all,

just thought I'd say hello I've been lurking for a few days...

I'm in Cambridge, working mum to two kids (nearly 6 and 2. 1/2), so I'll probably mostly post evenings.

I started on Tuesday (29.6 - 76.2K) and as of this morning weigh 74.4. Sorry I have not yet converted anything to pounds, so there is nothing on my profile either....
On Wednesday morning I actually weighed 77.3?? But obviously there was some water stuck somewhere, later that same day I had dropped back to 76.

So far so good, no problems, only questions:

It's hard to find non-fruit 0% yoghurt, so we are left with vanilla. Are Muller Lights okay (even the toffee flavour??).

I forgot my carefully packed lunch bag today and had to rush out to buy 2 yoghurts and come cooked chicken :(: tasty but pricey.

Is is okay to do 3Pv and 4PP in that rotation that would suit my routine best. Or at least stick with the PVs for the weekends and alternate the rest of the week doesn't matter quite so much.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to getting to know you all better,

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Hi Anjuschka :)

welcome to the board...

list of yoghurts removed pending investigation.... :)

sorry for brief post just munching lunch xxx
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hi Anjuschka and welcome, alootaloose aka sarah is a brill new member and she is deffo worth her weight in gold .

as for rhythm...

The most efficient way to work this stage is to spend one day on the pure protein 'attack' diet (above), and the next on a protein and vegetable diet, switching between the two, one day at a time, until you reach your chosen weight.

However, some people prefer to work to a rhythm of five days of protein followed by five of protein plus vegetables, or, if you have only a little weight to lose, try two days of pure protein (say Mondays and Thursdays) with every other day protein combined with vegetables.
i start my first cruise tomorrow , im following the same has jo and vicks which is

yes vicks as a lot of sence our clever little girl ,i know im missing vicks and jo today !!
not sure whether to start cruise tomorrow or sunday... started diet on wednesday lunchtime...so 2 days in...
it depends how long u want to stay on attack i chose 4 days on attack ,i started on tuesday so im starting cruise on sat !!


** Chief WITCH **
Yes he does recommend alternating protein only and protein + veg days in Cruise, AFTER a period in attack (the length of your attack period depending on how much weight you NEED to lose...).

But I admit that I found it more complicating having to "find" veggies/salad meals every other day to take to work - and I had a lot of wasteage! This way I have four PPs on weekdays, with a PV on a Wed, Sat and Sun... but it's not in his book, so it's not an "approved" method!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Many many thanks, that list is huge now, I only wish the local shops would stock it! ASDA yesterday didn't even have the Activia 0% so I ended up buying yeoValley Vanilla 0% but didn't realise how much sugar it contains until it was too late... Ah well, another day.


Dukan Ancestor!!
(Apologies for previous post, still finding out about forum Functions and I thought I was replying to Sarah's list of yoghurts only)

And many thanks to everyone. So far I have stuck to the 1:1 I'll see how I fare tomorrow with the first PV at work. Life in general is pretty busy at the moment so I have not had time to plan my meals much this week. Not clever but should just work out. I'm defo eating a lot of cottage cheese, I found the 'ASDA Value' if very low in fat and quite tasty (to me) if possibly a bit salty.



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Get yourself marinating!!! its my life saver!


** Chief WITCH **
Vicky - I'm not sure about some of those yoghurts at all... I've already posted re that Yeo Valley one... but some of the others look overly carbed too (to me).

I googled and read that the "Dukan team" advise not going over 50 calories per 100g... which counts out several of those yoghurts.

Where did you get that list from Sarah?


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I use the onken one or the tesco one both of which are over 50 cals per 100. are there any in uk you can get under???? and this is the natural yog i only use for marinading


** Chief WITCH **
An interesting kettle of fish opened... (phoarrr!).

I opened each link and the two worst offenders are that first one Yeoman Vanilla (84 calories) and the Waitrose Vanilla (73 calories).

The lowest are WW toffee and vanilla, Activia, Onken and Total zero... I think Muller Lites came in low too...

I then googled over here - basically, over here, we're advised to use "fromage blanc 0%" in preference to yoghurt where possible as there are fewer "glucides" (which I'm presuming are "carbs"). It says to try to stick to under 6g glucide for 100g.

The fromage blanc I have for lunch, for instance, is 3g glucides and 44 calories per 100g.
Fromage blanc à 0% MG (100g) > Calories : 44 kCal, Protides : 8 g, Lipides : 0 g, Glucides : 3 g - TableDesCalories.com

The only yoghurts over here he allows free consumption of are the certain flavours of the 0% fat aromatised fruit yoghurts made by Sveltesse. 52 calories a pot. 5.8g carbs.
Sveltesse ferme et fondant saveur vanille Sveltesse (un pot) > Calories : 52 kCal, Protides : 5.7 g, Lipides : 0 g, Glucides : 5.8 g - TableDesCalories.com
(Coffee, chocolate and creme brulée flavours are not allowed.)

Fromage blanc has fewer carbs than yoghurt, so perhaps you'd be as well marinating in yoghurt...

but if the only yoghurt you use is one a day to marinate, there's not going to be an issue. Issues could arise, however, when people take the 800g - 1L of dairy per day literally... and eat 640 calories on yoghurts where they could be having 300 I guess...

I dunno! He's exporting something without giving real guidelines... and it's not that the English book is missing something, cos the French one is just as vague, but I've been on the official site where you can ask specific questions. The live "chat" function on the English website will happen at some point - there is one chat session on there now you can read, hence my finding the alcohol question on it, but normally there are chats most days where people ask specifics
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Great informative post Jo, but yes as you say he is rather vague (or rather the book is)
I try not to eat yoghurt and If i do it will only be one a day (frozen!!) I would much prefer to fill up on chicken or fish!


** Chief WITCH **
The French book is very vague... lots has "changed" since it came out also... when I first signed up for the official website, I felt I had to start learning all over again. He explains this by saying that he's regularly updating his diet, based on feedback from clients (notably concerning the length of attack, efficiency of different PP/PV rhythms...)... but a lot is obviously marketing... particularly where the English site is concerned.

As you said Vicky, one yoghurt a day isn't going to matter... but I know people over here having 2 breakfast, lunch and dinner because you can! And lose weight! So long as you don't go over his recommended dairy allowances...


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oh wow I think id be yoghurted out!

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