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'Hello, are you new?'

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by -Laura-, 24 August 2011 Social URL.

  1. -Laura-

    -Laura- Silver Member

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    I've heard this several times now from consultants when I've gone into groups which aren't my usual. I smile and explain that I've been doing SW for quite a while at a different group, go and get weighed and sit down. Then as I sit and wait for image therapy to start, I think... 'oh my word, they thought I was here to start SW, I'm obviously still a great big fat fatty!!'

    To clarify, I know that this is completely irrational, it's just good customer service, and I'd be equally miffed to hear 'my goodness, you shouldn't be here, you're too skinny!' I suppose it's perhaps just a case of changing my mentality from that of a 'bigger' person, to that of a 'normal sized' person. Just wondered if anyone else can empathise with my train of thought?!
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  3. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

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    Mmmm - our little inner voices are not always our best friend are they? The problem is that there is such a wide range of people wanting to lose weight. From someone, like you probably are now, who most people would consider slim, but who wants to drop 4 or 5 lbs to others who need to lose weight for their health. I think people who like you only have a couple of lb to lose would be frustrated if everywhere they went they had to explain why they wanted to lose weight. I understand why your inner voice is leading you astray - it is more difficult for our minds to get slim than our bodies. You will know you are slim in both mind and body when you stop wondering if others think you are fat. Take care you have done wonderfully!
  4. BSL11

    BSL11 Member

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    Me, me, me! I am exactly the same as you. For example - the arcadia delivery lady came to deliver a parcel (from Dorothy Perkins) and said something about thinking it might be from Evans - I was thinking - she obviously thinks I am overweight and felt really upset about it. When I think about it sensibly - I have sometimes ordered shoes from Evans (which she has delivered) but I don't think rationally sometimes, just jump to the conclusion she is saying I am overweight.
    With regards to the consultant, I am sure she didn't even take in your body, just knew your face was one she didn't recognise - easy for me to say but she definitely wouldn't be thinking what you think she was ;)
  5. charlies_mummy

    charlies_mummy all for my little man x

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    Am sure she was just recognising that it was a new face, and probably didn't even clock your size! I sometimes help with taking the money at my group and have done this several times before noticing the book covered in stickers and finding they are just stopping wih us whilst on holiday!

    You have done really well, and as lots of people say on here it takes a long time to get out of the "fat" mentality where everything seems like a criticism. Can't wait till I get to sit in group as a target member :) xx
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