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  1. Casian

    Casian New Member

    Hello, I was looking on Google for a good supporting forum for people who are trying to lose weight so I found this :D. My name is Casian, I'm 21 years old, I live in Hastings. I work as a pizza delivery guy for Papa John's. I'm originally from Romania so please forgive my bad English and spelling mistakes.

    The whole weight problem started back in 2010 when I got into some really bad relationships problems, I kept being depressed and I ate like an elephant. In September 2013 I met this wonderful girl who really changed my entire life. We started chatting, flirting and we hit it on. On 17 of December we were officially together. The girl is studying in Romania and she is only one year older then me, but hey age it's just a number, as long as we get on :D! We love each other very much and we care a lot for each other and for our relationships. We've both had a really bad past with stalkers Ex's. Anyway I've visited her in February and spend 18 days with her in Romania, we are so happy :D! So I decided to do something about my weight as I started to have some heart problems as well, sometimes in the night I kept waking up as I couldn't breath, I couldn't walk for more the 2 miles. You get my point. I started my cabbage soup diet on the 14 of March 2014, last Friday. I weighted 128kg when I started (Sorry I didn't put it in stones or pounds but kg are easier for me). After 5 days of the cabbage diet and doing exercises 2 hours in the morning and in the evening before going to bed, I weighted myself again today and I lost 10kg, which brings me in the under 120kg bar. I'm extremely happy with how things are going in my life :D!

    Sorry if I bored you with my long story but the reason I came here is for support. My girlfriend is supporting me every step of the way, but I need some other people who are going what I'm going through. Sometimes I get really angry and I just go to my garage and start punching a boxing back just to get my anger out. And the reason I get angry it's because I can't eat what I did before. I know it's stupid but it's hard. Still I'm not going to give up! I'm going to to this! My goal is to reach 80kg and then start to build up my muscles!

    Thanks for reading my story :D and best of luck to everyone :D!

    Never give up, life is not about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, that's how winning is done! (Rocky Balboa)
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  3. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    Heya I'm Neil, I'm weighing the same and have the same ideal weight. Hopefully we can :) I'm just starting out myself and on oralist from doctors as well as signin up to the gym. Just hoping and praying that it can be done :)

    Good luck to you and hope you achieve your goals :)
  4. Casian

    Casian New Member

    Hey Neil, best of luck :D! We can do this! Never give up! Also a personal advice, when you go to the gym and the exercises are really hard and you are thinking about giving up, don't! You're already in pain, just get a reward from it! It's hard I know, I find it really hard for myself as well, but there's no one who can say we can't to this! Take care!
  5. neil270289

    neil270289 Member

    That's casian, I'm really ambitious this time, I think it's the combination of everything to hopefully be in my favour. The only way I can fail is if I give in which I know it's hard because I'm lazy as hell but I'm so determined to get a half ok beach body after 10+ years of neglect. Fingers crossed aye :p hope your well

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