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Hello Day 1!!

Hi everyone

I am starting today with Exante bumper pack which is good value. Ive had a slice of toast this morning as i didnt know what time the delivery is coming and had a vanilla shake.

I left it as i had a few things to sort out and when i came to drink it- it had thickened up into a lovely drink so that was an unexpected bonus!

aiming to have a strawberry shake just prior to going to work (i deliver babies and so food, staff breaks and shift patterns are always an issue). i shall take another one with me to work- or a bar -havnt made me mind up yet.

i have also got a few bottles of water and will switch to black coffee today. Feeling cold already lol!

I am terribly addicted to chocolate having had hypnotherapy in the past which worked for 6 weeks and was excellent. Ive been listening to a self hypnosis cd this morning to help me conquer my naughty habits!

wish me luck- will check in later on this evening to read up on threads and let you know how i got on.

question- does anybody think that eating the bars slow down weight loss- just thinking when i did CD and the CDCs usually like to keep you on the shakes for a couple of weeks dont they?
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Hello and welcome to our merry band :) on exante you can have bars from week one, I've not seen it make any difference to people's losses. I think my first week loss on here 13.5lbs was almost the same as when I first started LL a few years ago.

Hope all goes well as you get on the wagon.

Well predictably i managed 2 cups of black coffee and no bar until i came back at 10pm. ive drank a litre of water and will try to drink another before going to bed.

so far so good- not getting a headache but had some difficulty concentrating to my super student who likes to ask a million questions! lol!

chocolates were bountiful at work- alsorts of posh ones (which i generally dont go for) and

I DIDNT TOUCH ANY!!!!!!!!! or even FANCY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats an acheivement in itself for me :)
Tomorrow morning I think i will investigate all the extras you can get on here- avatars and tickers etc that'll keep me busy.

i might even switch the wii on!


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Ohhhh are you a midwife?

Oh and well done so far hehe, I'm personally steering clear of the bars for the first couple of weeks but some people have them straight away xx
Hiya love!

Yes I am for my sins- seen "chunkymadwife" posting so i gather im not on me own!

Feeling a tad bit cold- and am off to bed now - trying to break some bad habits Ive got into and if I stay up any longer the fridge will start luring me and i am determined to do this.


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Yep you're not alone :) you'll have to excuse me I get excited talking to midwives as it's my dream job lol :p
well in terms of staying in one room with the windows shut and not having time for a pee and food often for the whole shift - i would re think that one! lol!

i have to be honest- i absolutely love most parts of my job BUT its not so great for your health!
lol nope trust me I've heard a lot worse ;) weirdly my main issue is needles, something i really need to work on before september.

How long have you been a midwife? Feel free to tell me to go away if I'm being too nosey! lol xx

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