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Hello Everybody


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S: 18st11lb C: 15st0lb Loss: 3st11lb(20.15%)
Hi all,

I though i would introduce myself, i am a newbie to CD and today is my 3rd day on the diet. Im 263lb currently 5' 7" and on SS.
I had a very rough 1st & 2nd day but today i feel great. Its after 8pm and firstly i am awake and secondly i have sorted out my cupboards! this is a massive difference compared to my previous way of living.
Ive been reading the posts on the foodpack recipes and i must say, im quite excited to try a few of them out.

I am so excited for Wednesday to see what my weight loss will be, i am really hoping its enough to give me the buzz to keep going.

In the past, every night before i went to sleep, i would think about being slim and wearing nice clothes. For the past 2 nights ive been beleiving that this is actually going to come true and it could happen by Christmas if i really try hard.

Fingers crossed for wednesday!
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Well you've already done your first goal! Welcome to the forum. I've only just joined, but everyone has been so friendly and helpful. You can definitely do it by Xmas!!!


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Just wanted to say Hi and good luck on your cd journey..
You sound like you are doing fab so far.. This is a fab forum and everyone on here is so supportive of each other. as we are all in the same boat..
The first few days are the hardest but I promise it does get easier. My third day was no doubt the hardest but I just drank loads more water took neurofen, had early nights and lovely bubble baths on hard nights.. The time goes really quickly.. Im on week 10 of ss.. Its a fab diet and if you stick to it the weight comes of quite quickly..
Good luck and if you have any questions just shout there are always people around to help..
S: 22st1.0lb C: 22st1.0lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 51.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi there to you all. Great to hear we are a little band of newbies. I started CD on Thursday and have to get my docs signature to do SS. Going on Monday, fingers crossed he will sign the form... Good luck to us all


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Hiya :)
I'm on day 4 and feeling fantastic! My skin is looking better already (must be all the water), I'm not at all hungry now, and I'm so excited for my first weigh in. Lots of luck on your journey - you won't regret it. The people on here are so inspiring, and so welcoming, it'll be like your second home.
Sorry to put a fly in the Ointment...but CD dont actually recommend you make any of those recipes with the foodpacks. I mean, it's up to you, but it's not advisable.
Lots of luck XXX


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S: 12st13lb C: 11st9lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 1st4lb(9.94%)
Hello im new to this forum too...just joined...its my 30th day on the CD today but ive gone and done something stupid...i has the urge to eat a sandwich...i regret it now...does this mean i have to start all over again


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S: 28st7lb C: 27st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 1st4lb(4.51%)
Hello, I am on day 3 now, I've felt fine so far, apart from a growling tummy yesterday and last night I felt a bit spaced out for a couple of hours but I had my last sachet and then a little while after I felt normal again, I have been drinking about 3 litres of water per day and I definitely think this helps. The only thing that is annoying is going to the toilet every 10 - 15 mins ;) but I'm very very glad that's all thats annoying me :D

Day 1 I had the strawberry tetra brick which was ok, chicken and mushroom soup which was ok but I don't think I'll be getting either of them again. Original Porridge I didn't like, the smell or the taste, but I did finish it all, I have one more sachet of it so I'm going to leave it to the end and I might swap it with my CDC at my appointment on Thursday. Yesterday I had Cappucino shake which was lovely, I was so suprised as I'm not a big fan of coffee, i didn't have any ice so I made it and then put the glass in the freezer for 10 mins, it was lovely :) I had leek and potatoe soup which was ok although after I had it I'd wished I'd added some black pepper and last night I had apple and cinnamon porridge which smelt lovely, the taste was ok, nothing like actual porridge but much better than original.

I just really hope this is going to work.

This forum is a real help though, everyone is great and its really good reading everyone's stories, its also a great distraction, if your on the computer your not at the kitchen cupboards ;):)

Good luck everyone, keep me posted on your journey's.



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To all of you in your first week - keep going it really is worth it. I am well into week 2 and the headaches, cravings and rumbling tummy have gone. I also had a pack of neurofen on hand in week 1!

For the first week I stuck very safe with my meal choices - choc and vanilla shakes to make sure I could get through the week. I tried a couple of the porridge flavours but didn't like them so swapped them with my CDC. This week I have also tried a few of the soup flavours and liked chicken & mushroom and the leek & potato - both are nice and creamy.

I have loads more energy, my nails are as hard as rock and my skin is really clear.

Well done for starting on CD and good luck for future weight losses.


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