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Hello everyone! And on SW

I have been reading these threads as an unregistered user for months and I am astounded by how kind everyone is.

I have just restarted Slimming World a full stone heavier than the last time I joined. This time I am determined to make it work and have even joined the gym - on a Classes Only membership, I'm not that motivated that a treadmill excites me.

I am Zumba-ing twice a week and doing Salsa Fit and a Skinny Jeans class as well so I should be well on my way. I get weighed on Mondays so I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow.:)
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well done for starting again and for your exercise regime... I would love to do Zumba but unfortunately right now Im not quite fit enough so can only manager the treadmill three times a week and only walking just now. If I ran there could possibly be an earthquake.

Great to meet you and best of luck!
hi and :welcome: to the forums. You sound motivated and that will really help you! Everyone on here is lovely and there is loads of support and advice available.

I wish you every success on your weight loss journey

Sharkbait1983 x
Thanks everyone! I lost a pound today. Not the usual "7 lb in a week" as lots of other people's first week but I have had a drink which leads to the munchies. Having a dry week this week so there is none of the late night eating going on.

Week 1: -1lb
Hi. Well done for re starting the journey. I know how you feel.
I've been an unregistered used at this site for a few weeks (now finally become a member :))and I am also rejoining my local SW club tomorrow after a full stone gain since stopping christmas 09.
This site seems really supportive and everyone seems great.

Good luck xxxxx
Hi I'm fairly new to all this too just trying to find my way round the forums at the moment. Lost 4.5lbs in my first week and weighing in later today (fingers crossed)
I ride my horse 3-4 times per week and would also like to do some fitness classes. Bit nervous about going on my own, will everyone there be skinny?!
Oooh and what is zumba? It sounds like fun.
Zumba is basically Salsa Fit with more shoulder shimmys and you shout "Zooooooomba" every 15 mins. I love it! I've been to a couple of classes this week and there are some large ladies there so everyone is in the same boat - think about the classes you go to as all of mine are the "We are here to have a laugh and if I raise my heart rate then that's a bonus". I have got in to it and thrown myself around that sports hall with gay abandon, sweating unattractively all the way! Yoga tonight, not as strenuous but I will probably get a sweat on from trying to contort myself.
Welcome! Zumba is great! my feet don't listen to my brain but who cares LOL!!!! Good luck with the weight loss.

Horse Rider, I was at Salsa Fit today and there was loads of different people there: the people who make you sick because they are good at it and know all the moves, the young girls who are throwing themselves about and having a good time, the chubs like me who are throwing themselves about and sweating then there are the really large ladies trying to get some movement back into their lives. It's good fun and you are concentrating really hard on not falling over so you don't notice other people and they don't notice you.

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