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hello everyone im in need of lots of info?

hi all, new here. joined months ago but just forgot id joined, but im bak to stay and hope to make new friends and get lots of info and advice,

ok my story.......... started xenical 5 days ago and ive lost 9lbs, so im well impressed with that, havent had any side effects yet which is wat im scared of,

just thought id say hi all and have a read and a look around :flirt2:
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Hi, Welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss journey. It sounds as though you have got off to a fantastic start. x


Gonna do it this time

Welcome to the forum. Everyone is very friendly and I'm sure you'll get to know everyone.

You've had a fantastic start well done!!

thanks guys/gals, im keepin head strong but its difficult isnt it, im havin trouble with the 3 meals a day thing, i am only managin 2 at the moment, i never eat breakfast u c, then usually hav lunch and dinner and snack wen i feel like it, so ive cut out any snacks now ive been managin a banana for breakfast then lunch and dinner b4 6, im missing my snacks tho which im findin difficult.

wat kind of side effects can i expect? im scared to take tablet wen im out and about also

The side effects I've found are increased flatulence (lovely) and ifyou have a meal too high in fat, well, when you feel the need to pass wind, nip to the loo cause it's not always wind. But bear in mind that the side effects you have today are because of what you ate yesterday or sometimes the day before.

If you're following a low fat diet you shouldn't have really any side effects. I sometimes feel a tiny bit constipated.
thanks hun for the info, yes im very scared of side effects so ive been keepin to sensible meals , havin bit of trouble monitoring the fat etc of eat meal but im just trying to eat a lot of fruit and veg and hav a little bit of meat if any, im a huge lover of pasta and im missing it bigtime havent had any in about a week. which feels like forever to me lol


gunna be a fatty for ever
hiya and welcome!

you shouldnt get any side effects if u stick to the rules (see the sticky for more info)! I did get headache for a couple of weeks but i think it was a sugar withdrawl that caused that!

good luck and post lots!



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Hi and welcome...
is there any reason your not having pasta... its ok (well as far as i can tell it is...) yes its high in carbs, but not at all in fat.... just make sure you dont have too much, is what ive been doing... ive had pasta and its not struck me out...
ive been doing xenical for 5 weeks now, and ive not had any side effects... but i have also been really strict with myself in what i eat..
ive also posted a meal recipie thread .. (which i have to add to!)
its got some great recipies in there. (bias i know) lol...

Good luck anyway...
OH and COngrats on the loss already! WOW!!
thanks every one , im avoiding pasta as its high in carbs and well i just thought id loose more if i dont eat it, now im having a bit of trouble and startin to miss my old favirotes, i love pasta and i just cant help eatin a big bowl of it wen i do eat it but i havent had any in a while now and i miss it , also had cheese today for the first time in a while too


Everyone seems to be doing so well! I only went to my GP today and after a bit of a fight managed to get some Xenical.

I used it about 8 years ago combined with Slimfast and it worked, but i got pregnant and it all came back on again!!

I am petrified of the side effects (although i didnt have any before).

Any advice would be appreciated!!




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im doing slim fast and taking the tabs... feel free to ask any questions you may like to know about!
i dont get side effects but thats because i stick to the low fat rules , too scared to go over LOL. x


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no... i dont get any side effects from the slimfast shakes.. (not tried the bars on the tabs)
i have been taking the tabs almost 2 months now, and not had and bad effect to be honest....
love the chocolate shake at the min!!!
cant wait to try the limited edition lemon marange (cant spell)


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lol... i love anything lemon tbh. so im looking forward to it
does sound like its going to be sweet though!!
Just a quick question! As my doc was completely useless and gave me NO info, i am still a bit confused about the amount of fat i am allowed. I have read that i can have 15 g of fat per meal, but that sounds like a lot?

Worked out that i had about 10 g of fat in TOTAL today which was about 1,000 cals.

Can someone help?!!

A xx


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yes you shouldnt go over 15g per meal. and you should try to avoid anything that has more than 5g per 100g....
it does sound like a lot for a meal, but when you look at (well when i look at) what i was eating before hand then you think woooohhhhh thats like 20g fat!!

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