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Hello everyone I'm new here

Hello everyone,

I thought I would say hello and introduce myself. I'm James from the UK and I'm a fat man who wants to finally be slim so I can get the most out of life with my new wife.

I've been a bigger person ever since I was about 6 and I've been putting weight on steadily for the past 21 years and now I'm 21st :(. I feel disgusted with myself for allowing my obesity to get out of control and I've decided enough is enough.

I'm planning on starting Exante 100% next Tuesday and I was wondering what people's opinions are of the diet and if any of you have had any great success with it?
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Hi and welcome. i am starting this on monday. i have been reading through the posts on here which are so positive. I cant wait to start this :)
Good luck
Hi there

I'm new as well, I'm starting AAW on Wednesday I must admit I'm more than a little exited. Forget about how much you weigh the important thing is your doing something about it!

Best of luck I look forward to reading how your getting on

Hi James, Welcome to the forum.
Good for you deciding to get to grips with losing some weight...I am quite sure you will feel so much better for it.
I haven't done the Exante but there are plenty of people on here who have and no doubt will soon jump in and give you lots of advice and support.

Do start your own diary so we know where to find you.

All the very best to you... :)
Good on you for making the decision to lose weight using exante. I am sure that after the first few days you will realise that it is quite an easy diet to do as food is no longer featured for you. The losses are good and so continue to motivate you. There are plenty men doing very low calorie diets like exante and I am sure that you will find a couple on here to say hi and encourage you and give you the lowdown on the diet from a mans point of view.
Anyway once again congratulations for making the decision to do something about your weight.
My advice is to keep busy and write a diary and drink drink and then drink some more
Hello James! Welcome to the forum. I'm on day 2 and so far so good. I've done Exante and Cambridge and they work, but you have to let the plan work and stick to it. That's why I'm back again - I got lazy and lost focus. :break_diet:

Hope you enjoy, keep an eye on the forum and if you have a bad day we're all here for you! So many of us are going through the first week right now, so we all know what it's like! Ketosis here we come! :D
Hey james you've made a fab choice. I'm just coming to the end of my 8th week and I've lost about 22lbs and I'm a few pounds away from my goal now. The 1st week was more or less hell but since then to now it has felt for me like a walk in the park. You find a routine that works for you in terms of water intake and preferences over shakes, soups and bars although some people enjoy them all. If you stick to your 3 meal replacements, drink plenty of water then the weight will just drop off. Good luck and remember that even though first few days are tough they are so worth it.
Hi James

I was/am in a simlar position to yourself although some 15yrs older. I've been on exante ts for almost 4 weeks now and have lost nearly 3 stone, already I can feel the benefit in some of my clothes and I'm hoping that if I stick with it till xmas (my interim target) that I'll be able to see the difference as well. I was about 3st heavier than you when I began and my goal is to be sub 20 by xmas which I'm well on the way to achieving. The first few days on the diet are testing but since then I've found it ok. I think it's important to find out which of the soups/shakes you like the taste of since if you are going to be on the diet for a while you don't want to be eating/drinking ones you can barely stomach as it will make it all the harder to stick to.

Good luck with the diet.
Hi James

another guy here. wnated to wish you luck. It ain't easy, but the benefits are great.

Get yourself a plan and stick with it.

And remember, this is just the start of a thinner life....
Good luck James ~ I'm sure you'll do fine. I'm just starting week 5 and finding the diet so easy to stick to. It's a great feeling not having to think about food at all "Freedom!!" You'll get lots of support on this site. :)
Welcome James, and best of luck. Remember the first 2 weeks are always the hardest but the results on the scales keep you motivated. Don't forget water, water, water!

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