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Hello everyone

Hi everyone

I started lipotrim in 2009 but did not last long due to illness I gave up. But I'm back and feeling positive I have 102lbs to loose, so I have a bit of a journey to go, I start on Wednesday and I'm sure I will be reading every post to keep me on track and positive. Any advice greatly appreciated, really just wanted to say hi xxx:sign0144:
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Hi, I'm new here but hoping for success too. I have lots of weight to lose and I am nervous about failing. I am doing a VLCD but I can't get anything here in Switzerland so I am flying solo. Good luck with your lifestyle change. I hope you see lots of positive changes soon.


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Hi Venice and welcome on board! i have only been on it 3 days and found this site a god send.. keeps me going reading the posts and everyone is amazing :) good luck you will be fine x
Hello! Good luck and remember we're all here if you need support and this diet can be done :)

Tc X
Thank you all for your kind welcome xx
Oh already taking you up on your offer of help does anyone do exercise with this diet, should I be coming up with some form of exercise plan to do with the diet xx


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they dont recommend exercise for the first two weeks! and then only light excercise I think due to limited calorie intake... but I suppose it depends how you feel. they dont recommend in the first week, due to the rapid loss of glycogen in muscles so combined with exercise may cause more pain and soreness... well something like that anyways :) x
Hi all,

It's my first day today and so far so good. Walked 3 miles this evening too, the hardest bit was seeing my boyfriend and my sister have lovely dinners but I didn't leave the room as I figure I'll have to get used to it! It was very hard though as my stomach has been rumbling a lot despite lots of water. Good luck everyone!!
Thanks for the advice lucylis and dreamer87 GOOD LUCK you can do it xx
A big welcome to you Venice, and to Nexus and Manda. I had loads to lose but the time is flying by so quickly and I've lost nearly 5 stone of my 8 so stick with it 100% and enjoy the ride. I celebrate every pound I lose because each one seems to make a difference and I feel so strong now, and in control! :D
Wow Jessie 888 is that 5 stone in 17 weeks that AMAZING !!! You must be so proud of yourself, thank you for your kind welcome and good luck to you for the rest of your journey xxx
I love how positive everyone is on this forum. No wonder people who diet with support do better than those that don't have any. Good luck all of you.
How are you feeling today venice? I swam for an hour and felt quite sluggish but I enjoy my time so much that I can't give it up :) Did you manage to stick to the plan? I slipped at work but only a 30cal slip. Will do better today!
Hi Nexusdieter

I haven't started the plan yet, I have my first weigh in tomorrow
I'm really nervous arrrgh, only one little slip up your still doing really well keep going xxx
Hi manda
I really don't think you are allowed anything other than the packs on this diet, definitely take the soup back and ask them to swap for shakes, thanks by the way all shakes for me tomorrow Good luck and keep going xxx
its not really just the calories to consider its the carbs! as this diet is not only very low cals its low carbs to! so a cup ofsoup would be alot higher in carbs despite the low cals if that makes sense? x
Hey I work freelance and before I even start this diet I've been offered a new job away from home 6 days a week for 8 weeks, part of my job will be going out to lunch with colleagues and potential clients, i really want to do this diet, so please send any plausible excuses of why I'm not eating lunch at the restaurant, I'm not really comfortable telling people about the diet, I don't know any of these people arrrgh please help I really need and want to do this xxx

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