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  1. LittleHistorian

    LittleHistorian Full Member

    Hi all, I am registering on here as a bit of a support system for myself as I am currently not keeping up with my exercise in general and I looked in the mirror at my body last night and I am getting fat again! I have had some bad upsets in the last year and have consequently not felt like exercising, so I have put weight on again.

    I need to kick my butt into gear and I need some support as I do all my work outs at home and I need to get some motivation and maybe some work out buddies. I cannot let other people upset me so much that I make myself look a mess!

    I generally don't need a big diet to follow as Bodypump or fitness fx usually makes me lose the weight, however obviously I am careful with what I eat etc, but generally I'm the sort of person where movement gets me to lose

    so I could do with some support, friendship and help please as I have really hit rock bottom lately and could do with a few friends and a helping hand, of people who understand what it's like to be tubby and feel a mess!
    Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you all. Love Dani x
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  3. boltonana

    boltonana New Member

    Same here lost over 2 stones and put it back on and more.
  4. LittleHistorian

    LittleHistorian Full Member

    Eurgh it's so hard isn't it, then you just end up angry at yourself for wasting all your hard work! However I think we're in the right place on this forum and if you need any encouragement you can always call on me via the forum too :) I'm going to be part of it on here and help as well as receive it myself.
  5. boltonana

    boltonana New Member

    Aww thanks really appreciate it. Can't seem
    To work my way round the forum. I'm in bed on the iPhone only because downstairs I would be eating junk. Really need to lose the weight. Nothing fits.
  6. LittleHistorian

    LittleHistorian Full Member

    Well that's why we're here to support and make friends :)
    Ha ha I'm the same, struggling round the forum on my iPad, I hate typing on it as it auto corrects things! I will come on here from the laptop usually.
    I am the same too, nothing fits me, everything is damn tight or looks horrible cos I'm out of shape. I really need to tone up :( I try to wear things to cover myself up and I don't like being looked at.
  7. sweetpink

    sweetpink Gold Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum. It's brilliant here and you'll get all the help and support you need. Good luck with your weight loss :)
  8. boltonana

    boltonana New Member

    That's exactly what I'm
    Doing covering myself up nothing fits at all. We will lose the weight. Onwards and upwards from now on.
  9. LittleHistorian

    LittleHistorian Full Member

    Thank you sweet pink, it looks brilliant on here, I am loving it already even if the iPad is a pain to view it on! Ha ha

    I know, it's awful to feel like you've got to hide yourself :( Yes we will do this, we're on the right road, onwards and upwards that will be our motto! :)
  10. boltonana

    boltonana New Member

    Thanx sweet pink for the encouragement really do appreciate it.

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