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Hello, ex-Lipotrimmer joining WW to get to target.


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Hi there, :wavey:
I've lost over 6 stone on Lipotrim since last July, :scale: and I'm joining WW on Monday 1st of June, to shed the last one and a half stone in a healthy eating style (and hopefully KEEP it off!)
I really found logging on to MMs and posting and reading others posts helped me loads, so I'll be here, boring the a**e off you all and asking lots of questions!
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Fantastic loss, Good luck with WW xx
welcome Cathy you've done so well so far, good luck on shifting the last bit.
everyone on here is really friendly and helpfull ,look forward to chatting with you


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Thank you Ladies,
We've just been out to buy a mini-laptop, so when it's set up, I'll be back on here quite a lot!
Looking forward to chatting to you all. :)


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Cathy well done on sticking with the liptrim

ww will be a breeze and help you with portion control
are you joining a class on Monday (my classes are monday) Mondays are a great day for a weigh in - they keep me on track over the weekend :):


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Thanks Irene and Aaleigha, yes, it's Mondays at 6.30 for me. You're right, Monday is a great day for a weigh-in.
I'm having wine and nibbles tonight, without counting them, as I don't have any guidance on the points etc yet.
I thought I'd do the monthly contract thingy and buy the pack with the points calculator etc in it. I've got the magazine here, with a join for free voucher and I'm looking forward to getting started.
I'tll be nice to have the flexibility of WW after Lipotrim, as it means I can have a night out, or have lunch out at the weekend with my husband. I really missed the sociability of eating with friends and family.
I'll post on Monday night and make a new ticker when I've been weighed and given a points allowance. See you all then! xx


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Just wanted to pop in and wish you luck for your weigh in tomorrow - hope you enjoy your class and that it is as good as mine is

for some reason I am really nervous about my weigh in tomorrow


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I think if you sign up for a Monthly pass you don't have to pay anything to join - at least that applied to me...
I just paid my £17 odd and off we went... the starter pack is brilliant with the Tracker, Shop and Eating out books - wouldn't be without mine... plus I bought a calculator and a pedometer which now goes everywhere with me...

As everyone else says - Welcome !!



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Thanks Aaleigha and Tracy,
It's 5.30 now, so an hour to go till it starts!
This is it, the last leg and a healthy way of eating for life.
Only regret is leaving it so long in life to get a grip!
I'll post later, with an updated ticker and how it went, before I go to the Quiz at the end of our road.
Probably go on the low-cal tonics there now!
Well good luck with your class - it must be half way through now

I am off out for a couple of hours tonight so will look out for the post when I get home :)


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Well here I am, back from the class, what a lovely lot of ladies and Bernie the leader was great :)
Eeeek! I weighed 12st 12lbs, I must have put over a stone on on holiday and this last week that we've been home :eek:
I did sort of pig out this week, knowing I would be getting down to business from today.
It means I've got 2st 7lbs to lose, to get me into the healthy BMI range.
I need to be at that weight by 16th July, coz I have to see a surgeon again then, and she has told me that if I have a normal BMI when I see her, she will list me to have my boobs evened up (and, joy of joys, lifted up as well!) as since I've lost the weight, you can see that one is way bigger than the other. So I have a goal to stick to.
I'm just off out now, to our local pub quiz and I will be drinking Malibu and Diet Coke, which Bernie tells me is only half a point, instead of my usual large glasses of red wine.
Tomorrow morning I start on the 18 points fast start plan.
Thanks for all your interest and support, I'll be posting more tomorrow and reading all your posts. Nighty night xx
Glad you enjoyed it and were made to feel at home. Thats certainly an incentive you have there !!
As a red wine fan too, you might like to know that half a bottle is 4 points-oops there i go leading you astray before you've even got going, but i try to save up some points for a bottle on saturday night.
Well I dont drink wine - I do like it I just dont drink it - so I wont be a bad influence

good luck with your target - and the joy of WW is you can have what you like
so glad you liked your class - a good supportive class can make a huge difference :)

right off to catch up on diary reading

oh hope you win the quiz


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Ooohh MommyB, 4 points is not bad at all for half a bottle is it?
Pete and I usually share a bottle on Friday and Saturday nights. I'll definitely save 4 points on each of those days to keep life normal (more for Pete really, as he used to feel bad having a drink or anything when I was on Lipotrim, so most times he'd do without, which made ME feel bad!) This way, we both win, thanks. :party0036::thankyou:
I won't mind sticking to the Malibu and diet Coke at the quiz though, it was nice, and as we have 4 or 5 rounds of drinks, it'll work out lower than the large glasses of wine that they serve.
I've just spent ages (at 6.45am :eek:) weighing my porridge, and figuring out how to work the points calculator, writing it in the tracker etc etc.
Now I see how WW works, there's no time left to eat after you've done all that!! :rotflmao:


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You will get used to it - the best principle is to be prepared...
I know it is lazy but I tend to take a ready meal to work with me for during the day so that I know exactly how many points I have had for my lunch - then I can be more free and easy with my evening meal..
It's a doddle after a while !

i have to admit thats why i buy oatsosimple. its quick, really yummy and already weighed into portions!! Gotta get a bit of help where you can!!
Hope your first 'real'day goes well

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