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Hello, first time on lipotrim.

Hello. I've been reading this forum and have noticed alot of people having great success with lipotrim, so I made my way down to chemist near me and purchased a weeks supply of chocolate and strawberry shakes. Just 10mins in to this whole thing and I've already lost 48 pounds, shame it was from my wallet ;p

Unfortunately I weighed in at 22stone 10pounds, so here's to a good first week, I hope it isn't too bad. Will start them tommorrow.

28thOct09: 22s10lb
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hi Davee x

welcome on board hun.

you're right,some people have had amazing results doing lipotrim.
just be prepared in case you have a dodgy few days after starting.
i found it helps so much having this site for support.

good luck on your journey and i'll look forward to seeing more posts from you and your weigh in results x
your very lucky too as been a man you lose the weight quicker. good luck with your journey :)


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Welcome to the forum and good luck!

I have choc and strawberry too :)

Remember to keep yourself busy and all will be good.
Ty all for kind encouragement. :)

Scatty: All that happened was, he took my height, weight, name, address, doc name and address. They gave me some papers with some info on and a dvd which he asked me to return when I come back. He also gave me one of those shaker things for free :cool:
Also got a carrier bag with information written on it and he put all my sachets in there.

There was a choice with flapjacks, shakes and chicken soups.

He didn't seem to know much about it as he said another woman usually does it who I'll see when I come back.
Free shaker you lucky ting i didnt get anything free damn them haha! just remember the shakes are not meant to be nice or even remotely so. They get much much better but dont be expecting a milkshake haha! You will be extra disappointed! Flapjacks arent usually available in week 1 coz they have more calories. You get that bag everyweek haha! But it was an interesting read. Research all the different ways of having your shakes as well mainly they are adding ice and blending it to make crushed ice. Always drink your shakes within 15 mins of preparing after this they go all yucky and the minerals and vitamins all disappear. add peppermint tea to the choc shake to make mint choc or add coffee to choc or vanilla. Tablet sweetners are allowed but only tablet. Drink loads of water but not in one go sip this helps with ketosis mouth haha horrible taste bad breath and hunger pangs which in the first week tend to be in your head coz of withdrawals from sugar and carbs. Oh headaches may come with these too painkillers are allowed but try upping your water intake this makes them ease.

Ok all the bad stuff over haha hope your not scared, this is a brilliant diet it works wonders but its not easy so dont expect it to be. This forum is not only great for advice but its great wen you need support in not falling back into old ways of eating just coz you want too. And also personal support you face alot of things on the way and i must say without this forum i dont tink many of us wud have lasted this long.

I hope your first day goes well mine was a nightmare but ive still lasted 9 weeks and 5 more too go!
well done for making it to the chemist once the money has changed hands you have to stick with it ;)
no seriously its hard work as the others have said but it is worth it.
Good luck
hi and welcome to the site and your first steps to a healthier life, the first week is hard but keep your self busy and keep drinking the water around 4 Lt a day which i found hard to do at the start but it's easy now i found the first week a little hard but very very hard on day's 9,10,11 and then every thing just slotted in to place and i have never looked back just focus on your goal and you will do it.
Hi Davee & Scatty
I thought £48 was a lot every week when I first started but as I now do no food shopping, no takeaways, no cakes/crisps/chocolate and no booze at all my weekly spend is lower than it used to be.

The first week is the hardest (but gets the best loss usually) and I felt pretty tired and grotty on week 2 as well but by week 3 you should start to feel great. Now my losses are more modest but fairly consistent and I feel better than I have for years so it really is worth the effort (and cash).

Good luck, and let us know how you get on

Davee - and Scatty - well done for starting on your LT journey and good luck!!
You can get fantastic results, if you stick to it - it won't always be easy but it will work.

Look forward to seeing your successes x
Ty again for encouragement, feeling a bit more scared now lol. Just drinking my first black tea with a sweetex tablet in, I can't do anything without tea but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

The price isn't too bad, I kicked a 40 cigarette a day habit about a month ago so that alone saves me £70 each week.


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Congratulations on starting lipotrim and finding this forum, you'll find it a lifeline I'm sure.

Im on day 9 of my third attempt and this time I must admit Im finding it easier, and I put a lot of that down to this board and all the inspirational people on it that keep me motivated.

One thing Im curious about is the cost, mine only costs £36 for the week (£34 for the first 3 weeks actually) so not sure why you're paying more for it. I never got a shaker so I make my shakes and soups up with a blender and ice in the cold ones certainly makes them so much more palatable.

best of luck to you in your first week, and looking forward to hearing how your first weigh in goes!
Hahaha that made me laugh Dave! Typical man, always going on about the price of stuff!

You'll do brilliantly! Stick to the plan 100%, drink plenty of water, keep yourself busy and come on here if you ever feel the need to moan, get advice, or just want some support.

LT is a complete life changer/saver. You'll feel like a different person in a matter of weeks.

The weight will fly off ya and I'm looking forward to your first weigh in!

Oh and well done for giving up the cigs! If you can kick a 40 a day habit then LT will be a walk in the park!
Cookeh, Men pay more for LT.

Here in Northern Ireland we have to pay £45. I would pay hundreds, as it has saved and changed my life!


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Cookeh, Men pay more for LT.
Ooooh, that's weird, because don't they get less shakes, only 2 a day? lol That's typical, the less you have the more it costs heh But I have to agree, the price is nothing when you consider the feeling you get from losing the excess weight.
Hi Davie, welcome to the site and to LT. You will get amazing results if you stick to it 100%. Best of luck, and if you`re finding it hard, then just come on this site. It really helps as you get so much support from everybody. Can`t wait to hear how your first weigh in goes!
Ty again everyone, however I'm not sure I'll be able to stick with this. Really hungry and have a constant headache. It's quite hard to get the shake down also, definately not a fan of the taste. Could murder a nice bacon butty :p I'll continue as long as possible though.
Hi Davee
Stick with it if you possible can. It's very early days and the hunger and headache will go in a few days. If it's any consolation I felt lousy until about day 4, then tired and bad tempered for another week or two, then absolutely fine (in fact better than fine). Your weight loss after a week will spur you on to continue, if you can just stick at it until then. Take a day at a time and try to focus on what it is you are trying to achieve.

All the best



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Hang in there Davee - it really is so worth it. As said above once you get past the first few days then its easy. I am not saying that you wont still get urges for food and cravings etc - I do still even now, but I have to remember that I don't want to be the weight that I was when I started. I want to have a healthier life, I want to be slimmer, I want to be fitter and I want to look so much more sexier and more beautiful that I do now ( in your case it would be more handsome !! lol :) ) - those thoughts spur me on and make me think that for the sake of a few weeks without food I can be so much healthier and feel so much better about myself.

Use this forum to moan and whine about your problems - someone here has been through it already and can help.

Come on you CAN do this :D :D


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