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First day on lipotrim for the 2nd time!

Hi all :)

i started lipotrim just over a month ago and after 3 days i gave up, after everyone telling me ''its not good for you'' and ''it wont work'' but after failing to fit into my dress that im wearing for my sister's wedding that is on the 16th of july i decided i need to lose weight fast so im trying again, but this time ive not told anyone that im doing it!

i have about 4 stone to lose and i cant wait for my first weigh in already!

i had a strawberry shake and 2 pints of water for my breakfast at about 9.30ish which i love.
going to have the chocolate one for my lunch in about an hour and then a coconut flapjack for my tea at about 6.30ish :)

i feel good so far and am so determined to stick it out this time! :) :):D:D
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Best of luck with it! I haven't told anyone I'm doing this bar my OH. And that's how it will stay and even when people ask how I lost the weight, all they'll get is strict eating and exercise. As far as I'm concerned this is for me and I think it works for me and I don't want to be listening to other people telling me otherwise - or trying to get me to eat or worrying about me and the effect it has etc etc. My OH wasn't the hugest fan when I started, but he supported me on it and he's been good about missing out on us being able to eat out together etc - we've been away once since I started this and he ate on his own without comment or complaint!!!
You have lots of time to drop that weight and you'll start noticing the difference very soon!! I saw it in my face even after the first week!
Try on that dress at intervals - bet it fits you comfortably at a higher weight that you think now!!


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Fair play to you girls, was great to read your posts. I've only told the bare minimum and my family haven't a clue. My weighloss won't be all that noticable but it'll be noticable for me!!!
I on the other hand am telling everyone and to he'll with their comments! Gp made a comment the other day, my response "well if someone had stepped in the 30+ times I've asked for help then things wouldn't have got to this point!" soon shut her up!!!!


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Hi girls, im now doing exante which is exactly the same but easier to get but did LT for 3 weeks. I live in Canada now but have friends in the uk who did LT and lost a lot of weight. I wasnt too sure about it.
Anyway, i was back in the uk for a week in January and i went to see my old gp for unrelated things and i dropped into conversation that i was considering doing LT and do GP's reccomend it or not. He said that if i was living in the uk and was able to be monitired by the pharmasist each week he is more than happy to reccomend. Its been approved by gp's and if followed correctly is a safe and effective way of losing weight. In fact most GP's suggest to overweight patients who need to lose weight fast for surgary to do this diet!!!

I have told quite a few friends and am not ashamed to be on this diet but i did my research before hand and am always prepared for the negative comments/questions and fire the truth back at them and its actually a great talking point between people as they dont understand it to start with and by the time ive finished with them they are up to speed and very interested!!!

The hardest part is dealing with family life. My OH doesnt complain about eating on his own (however we havnt been out to eat while ive been on it) and my 3 year old step daughter when she is around is confused as to what im doing. We are going through a difficult stage with her eating and trying to convince her to eat when im not eating is hard... and she doesnt understand the word diet, and nor do i want to fill her head with worries about weight....


i have about 4 stone to lose and i cant wait for my first weigh in already!

i feel good so far and am so determined to stick it out this time! :) :):D:D[/QUOTE]

Welcome aboard (again!) you will soon see that weight come off no problem... stay strong... im starting week 5 tomorrow and can promise you it only feels like this morning i started it and ive lost 21pounds with my 4th weighin tomorrow!!! so good luck and chin up!
welcome katie x

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Hi Jodi, I've lost 3 stone (bar 1lb) in nine weeks. I didn't tell many people that I was doing this at first in case I crashed and burned. However, as I've stuck to the diet and people have been noticing my weight loss, when they ask how I've done it I tell them. Most of the responses I've had have been really positive, mainly because everyone thinks I look so well. At the end of the day, it's no one else's business. You have a dress to get into; I'm going to be 50 in December. We all reach a point where this is the only solution. I just wish I'd known about LT years ago. Good luck.

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