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Hello folks,,New and a little nervous....

Hi everyone,plucked up courage today and went to the Doc's.He has given me Xenical but said little more about what to do. are there any specific do's n don'ts..i know what i should do but it isn't always that easy i'm in the vicious circle at the moment depressed cos i'm fat so therefore i eat stupid i know. sorry to sound like a winge..thanks Liz x:wave_cry:
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hiya liz and welcome :) if you have a look at the stickys at the top of this forum u will get some starter advice, and then have a read thru older topics as im sure other people have asked the same questions as you have. and dont worry about wingeing we all do at some point!!


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whine all you like. thats what we are all here for...
im still a newbie at this... so im not prob the best person to ask, but ive heard to stay away from salmon, as the tabs can not dertermine good fats and bad!! (they should know better i know!!)
keep a log of what you have, and maybe even start up a diary...
im forever writing things down, but feel so much better for doing it because then i can see (just in case) if something has gone wrong. esp with things that you wouldnt expect (like the whole salmon thing!!)
ask questions, we are all here to help. and as im only a newbie too, its great reading other peoples things...
So welcome to the Xenical family... and i hope that you feel as welcome and happy as what i do here!!!
Good luck!


Go on smile! =)
Welcome to the xenical family :) If you have any questions just ask, maybe start your own food diary? Goodluck with your weightloss journey.
Hi Welcome and Good Luck.
The best bit of advice I can give you is for you to have a look at the Sticky that Piink has posted for newbies - it's brilliant. x
Hey, welcome and good luck, I only started the tablets on Tues so im new to all this too. This forum has been great thou, made it all seem easier to understand. Any questions you've got ask on here someone will answer, and the support is great you know your not alone. xxx
Hi im new too! my 3rd day today, so far so good! I even had salmon last night and havent had any side affects yet (touch wood) I had it with stir fry and used only a tiny bit of oil.

I was terrified of taking my first tablet especially as i was at work- sitting at a desk all day with 5 others. The only weird thing i have noticed is that I havent actually been to the toilet yet, (yes in 3 days :-O)

Any questions let just let me know we can all do this together :) Cant wait for the scale reading to go down to 15 stone :-D


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good luck and do let us know how you get on with the salmon, and the oil....... it can take up to 48 hours...
i was like that for the first few days (not going to the toilet) but it soon passed and im now back as regular as i was.... kinda...
good luck!
There seems to be a lot of us joined the Xenical family this week. I stumbled on the site by accident the day I started the meds (Saturday) and consider this to be an good omen. You'll get all the help, support and advice anyone could need from the fantastic members already well into the journey to slimland. Even they fall off the wagon sometimes, but they seem to treat every hurdle with good humour, as you'll find out. These people are hugely inspirational. Good luck. I get weighed tomorrow, dont feel any thinner but I'm hoping I am. I going to try to put one of those ticker things on. Is there a section with food ideas and recipes? If so, how do I get there? I am not very technical. Lizzie

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