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Hello from a new LLer in London :)

S: 9st7lb C: 9st1lb G: 7st9lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 0st6lb(4.51%)

I'm Bea and I'm on day 3 of Lighter Life. I think I already know some of you (I
joined the September Starters thread first) but thought I'd introduce myself :)

I live in London with my OH and cat, and work in publishing. I'm addicted to coffee, and I'm a bit of an indie music fiend.

Obviously I'm new to LL but I'm also new to dieting in general. I've about 2 stone until I hit my healthy BMI, and a further stone until I'm at my ideal weight. I chose LL because, when I've (feebly) tried to lose weight I've done it with my eyes shut, figuring I can go "lalala!" until I hit my ideal weight.

I chose LL partly because I have some ankle problems that are being exacerbated by my weight gain, and my doctor has forbidden me to exercise until I've lost at least a stone.

But the attraction to LL was mostly because I want to do it with my eyes wide open. I *know* how to eat heathily (I've been doing it most of my life), and I think my recent overeating has mostly been a comfort thing, but I want to understand my triggers, and also be educated about which foods mean what, if you get me.

I do have a question for seasoned LLers though. In February I'm off to Las Vegas with a friend: it's one of my goals, to be slim when I go so I can *really* enjoy it. But one of the perks of Vegas is the FOOD. When I go, I want to eat whatever I like. But I suspect I'll be in RTM. Is there any way around that save just moving my holiday to March or April? I suspect there might be a very sensible answer involving sensible eating, but just thought I'd ask.

I've had a rough few days so far: stomach upset, wooziness, headache, chased by wasps (don't ask), but I'm just trying to take it an hour at a time. I'm keeping a blog here, too, to help me keep a record. Hopefully I'll look back in a few weeks and wonder what I was whingeing about.

Anyway, hello everyone :)
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Hi and welcome,
I can't give you advice about your holiday, but I am sure lots of people will.
all the best
Hi, I am the same , starting LL this week, cant wait, just find it may be expensive long term but the counselling will be good, what are the shakes/soups like, are they nice enough to stick with the diet
S: 9st7lb C: 9st1lb G: 7st9lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 0st6lb(4.51%)
Thanks everyone for your welcomes :)

Hi Janny - I know how you must feel. I'm at the end of my first week now, and the shakes, soups and bars are all totally palatable although you'll find you'll like some more than others (you can swap the ones you don't like as well). I'm quite a picky eater (obviously not *that* picky otherwise I wouldn't be here!), but I think they'll see me through the 14 weeks. You can also make different things with them like muffins, ice cream, mousses and ice lollies.

Even this early on I'm finding the counselling really, really eye-opening and useful (and I was sceptical). And as for the price, yes, it is prohibitive, but you get excellent care for your money and it does motivate you not to lapse. Each lapse will take you out of ketosis and, moreover, cost you £66!

The only advice I'd offer right now is clear your diary for the first two weeks: it takes some adjusting. I had a really hard time but I'm difficult; others haven't found it hard at all, but it is a big change, so go in with your eyes open and good luck!

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