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Hello from another Newbie!!

and thanks to you all as have been lurking on here for a while and it helped my decision in going with Exante...

On day 4 now and not having a prob with will power or hunger, not at all hungry which is so weird as I usually eat non stop.

Today have def gone into ketosis, I know cause my mouth is mega-dry,,, and I have stinking breath which is really making me uncomfortable - someone backed away from me earlier when I was speaking to them.. anyone know how long this will last???
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Hi Fat and Forty, nice to see another 40 something on here amongst all the young ones ;)

I presumed the bad breath lasted as long as you are in ketosis although I only noticed it with my husband for the first week or two and now I don't smell it. I have no idea if my breath is bad, but my mouth tastes foul and I use my freshener spray several times a day as I have to get really close to people in my job!

I think if I drink lots of water my breath is not quite so bad so maybe that helps?

Good luck

Susan x
Thanks Jaynie,
Thanks Susie-Slimmer,,,, I always said I didn't want to be fat and forty, so now I'm aiming to be less fat when I'm 41!! I feel really self concious of my breath today, so am going to have to up the anti like you suggest and drink more water, more teeth cleaning - but as it's coming from my stomach I don't know if that will help, will get a breath spray too and use it before talking to anyone - I'm going to look quite demented doing that though!! Hope it goes away soon..
LOL! I know what you mean, I must look odd keep spraying my mouth, but that's better than the alternative!

I too said I don't want to be fat and forty but somehow I just got fatter. I'm now slightly nearer the fifties than the forties :sigh: so will have to aim to have got slim and fit before I get there. :D
Good luck - I'm also fairly new to all this and trying to find my feet around the forum.
STILL waiting on my packs arriving...have been told they should arrive tomorrow. Using some old shakes at the mo. My breath honks, I'm constipated, constantly thirsty, peeing for Scotland and have a headache - so I'm doing pretty well!!
I'm finding the time between dinner time and bed time the worst - drinking water, having long baths - anything to take temptation away. However, I have a goal in site and as there is no better feeling than feeling good about yourself, will get there!
heidi x
thanks for the good luck wishes,,, not feeling hungry at all at the moment and trying to avoid social situations as will feel odd if I don't eat!!!

I find my legs are aching loads y'day and today - don't know if that is anything to do with low cal's or ketosis???

my breath is well and truly honking - don't know how I'm going to get through tomorrow in work - feel v.self conscious, but hey feel that cause I'm overweight as well!!!!

good luck to you all and lets bring on the weeks ahead!!!!
Hi F & 40, drinking lots of water definitely helps with the breath because it dilutes the acetone which is what causes the smell. As far as I can work out the acetone is a by-product of ketosis - from burning the fat from your body - and it is not processed by your body so is excreted in urine (which is why you can test your urine with the little sticks) plus through your breath.
The aching limbs is another sure sign - the first stages apparantly affects the long muscles - usually in your legs & arms - and then moves to burning the fat all over. The aching definitely improves after a couple of days.
Keep going and try not to be put off by the early problems - they soon disappear and are replaced by that lovely warm glow you get when you see the weight loss each week.
Lol! Nice to know your'e not alone! I'm terrified that I breathe on a patient...they would pass out, I swear.
I read that the pains in your legs could be due to losing water (you lose water-you lose salt/sodium) - it can cause cramps, etc. Try a little bit of salt in your soup - I know that in atkins it said to do this and it worked. The only other thing I know of that works is a slimline bitter lemon - it has quinine in it and this helps with the cramps. I'd give the gin a miss though...!!!
thanks Owup & Heidi,,,
I will try the salt tonight in my soup, legs aching so much couldn't sleep last night, have been aching all day too.. but determined not to give up...

Breath not so bad today as yesterday - have been trying to drink more water but I am drinking quite a lot anyway....
sorry to hear you had a rough night with the leg cramps. When I did atkins, the cramps were terrible. The book (atkins)said that when you go into ketosis, you lose water and salts, however, as people are different we all lose at different speeds. I think that if you lose a lot of water at first, then the cramps are your muscles telling your body they are losing a bit too much salt too quickly. A few grains in a cold drink before bed can also help if you are not keen on bitter lemon or soda water. Hope you have a better night tonight. I'm sitting here nursing this thai chicken soup...not really liking it much.
heidi x
Hello again - I was really worried as well when I was all achey back in week 1 and thought I would not carry on with the plan if it didn't improve. It felt like I had been to the gym or worked out really hard - which is ironic as I haven't done that for so long and is a reason I need to lose weight anyway! lol! It was especially bad for 2 nights but it did get better for me so hopefully it will soon pass for you as well.

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