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  1. DivaDee

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    I've been lurking and reading for weeks now; guess it's time to register and say hello!! :) I've enjoyed reading this forum as it's so welcoming to many different diet plans.

    My nickname is Dee, I'm 56, Canadian, and a career-dieter since my teens. Name the diet, I've probably done it at some point in my life. Currently I'm in the process of ridding myself of 100 lbs .. 30 gone so far.

    I hope that I can contribute to this forum as I learn from those who've "gone before".

    {{hugs to all}}

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  3. Mini

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    Welcome Dee!

    Good to have you with us:)

    I see you are doing Dukan here is the link below for that forum be sure to say hello

    Dukan Diet

    and you might like also to join the WeMITTS (We Mean It This Time) A LOT of weight to lose? Then join the WeMITTS

    You are welcome to start a diary to keep you motivated and it also gives members a place to stop by and say hello.

    Dukan Diaries

    If you need any help please ask:)
  4. DivaDee

    DivaDee New Member

    hello Mini :)

    Thank you for the warm welcome, and thanks also for those links. Will definitely check it out.

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