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Hello from scottish chap!

Hey all, I am a 36 year old chap from Glasgow. Pleased I have found this forum! I am re-embarking on scottish slimmers diet today! I lost nearly 5 stone on it many years and hit my target weight but weighed myself today and have put on THREE STONES, have around 3 stones to loose :cry:
So I am pleased I have found this forum! going to weigh myself every week and see how I do, I have all the books and stuff and have a good set of electric scales so will weigh in at home or at boots!
It is by far best diet I have done over the years, simple and easy to calculate all the checks etc from foods eaten.
SO upset I have put on all that weight again :cry:
Look forward to meeting you all and supporting each other

ps. does anyone know how you put in your weekly weights/loses under the ticker thing?

Sam xx
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Hi there, I am also from Glasgow! Like you I have done well in the past but the weight has gone back on:sigh: however I haven't gone back to the heaviest I have ever been which is good! I seem to realise when the scales are creeping back up and rejoin.
I hope you do well at home, I have tried this but unfortunetly don't have the willpower to go it alone!! Good luck and let me know how it goes!!
Hello H girl and thankyou so much for your reply, nice to hear from you! Also nice to get ONE hello/reply from the FORTY views to my message lol. Yes I normally have to join a class and if I dont do so well I will deffo have to do that! got weighed today on 1 st week and got a few pounds off which is good, went to boots across the road at Victoria Road and will pin all the wee print-outs up on my wall lol. We are in a similar situation weight wise arnt we! I lost all my weight in the past but not all-but a lot of its back on :-(

Looking at my ticker-3lbs lost and 37(!!) to go, boo hoo lol. Might have lost more today if i hadnt saved all my checks and used them all on beers and food last night!
So have you joined a class? which one? We will keep each other going!!

Sam x
Hi! Thanks for the reply. I lost 2.5 pounds this week which is great as like yourself I enjoyed a couple of nights out and a few shandies (or g&t's in my case!).
I used to go to a class in southside but am all over the city for work so for the past couple of weeks have been going to one over in the west. It means my WI days vary slightly but it also keeps me on my toes. My main prob is lack of exercise I think. I managed to do a bit of walking last week rather than driving which was good but not always possible! I've also found that "lurking" on the SS forums is quite a good way of picking up tips!
How are you getting on this week?
Hi hgirl, so sorry about late reply, how are you and how is your diet going? I have been loaded with the cold over the past week or so- I was going to say luckily not swine flu but the scales appear to say i have been piggy...not weighed myself in a few weeks and have put on FOUR POUNDS, one pound heavier than my start weight BOOO! back on track and have meal planner out and I am going to start again today-if we get our heads down we could get a good bit of weight off by the "festive season"! Hope you are good, and hello to all fellow Scottish slimmers!

Sam x
Hi Sam,
Sorry to hear you were ill, I've been ok thanks! was busy with work so couldn't make a class until last Wed. I had lost half a pound over two weeks which isn't great but at least its a loss!
Have been v good this week so fingers crossed! Hope you are well!
Hi Hgirl,how did you get on this week at weigh in? I lost the 4 pounds I put on this week so I am well happy, lots to go but just going to keep going one step at a time, sitting planning my weeks food intake ahead. drank silly amount of booze on Saturday evening but only had 1 pint and rest was vodka or gin with diet mixer. went for pizza to Stube on the south side during the week and had a pizza, a few fries and a glass of wine...FIFTY FIVE CHECKS!!!!!!! my GOD!. a whole days eating! They do pasta so think that might be a better option me thinks!! Got weight watchers 16 check pizza which is on special in asda at the mo, not the best but lower in checks. Let me know how you get on at weigh in,

Sam x
Hey Sam,
Well done on your loss, bet you are well chuffed!:D
Well I went to class on Tues and lost 3pounds so I am very happy! I was laughing at your 55 checks! It's so easy done isn't it? I love pizza and wine too unfortunately but am trying to stick to gin and slim and the ss pizzas which are surprisingly ok!
I've also been planning my week too. Looks like a quiet wkend ahead so may do a bit of cooking! I don't know about you but I feel as though it can get a bit expensive at times plus I'm never out of the supermarket for ingredients!
Anyway, best of luck for the week ahead!
Hi H girl, WELL DONE on your 3 pounds loss, thats amazing :). I am off to get weighed 1st thing in the am, will see how I have done, I have only had TWENTY FIVE checks today which is all I am allowed till tomorrow due to my piggery yesterday-yes..Red wine and food AGAIN!! Even a pound or 2 off will be good, having lots of tea today to make me high on caffiene and not think about food. Stumbled upon old macaroni cheese recipe which is NOT helping with my thoughts as its my favourite and BAD food lol. I agree, once you have planned your meals its very expensive to sort out all your ingredients-lidl are very good for veg and past/low fat cheese n stuff, new one opened near me and having never been in one was pleasantly surprised! Had 2 bowls of free soup tonight which em-didnt stop making me hungry lol. Will see my fate tomorrow 1st thing when I hit the scales, shall let you know how I get on! Hope you are well and your week has been good? What day are you gettin weighed this week?
Sam x


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi Guys, i'm normally over at the slimming world part of the forum and that is the diet i have been doing . I am thinking about doing scottish slimmers again, not quite decided yet. I really liked the check thing when i did it last time round. Well done on your weightloss so far x
Hey Hgirl/all!
How has your week been? I was a BAD boy and had wine and macaroni cheese last night boo hoo, in spite of that lost 2 pounds this week...would have been more if i had not stuffed my fat face last night but 2 pounds is ok, thats me lost my first half stone, still got 2 stones 4 pounds to go but we will plod on! So wish I hadnt stuffed my face yesterday but hey ho its done now, I blame those little irish idiots getting through on x factor that did it! They MADE me drink wine and eat bad food lol.

Sam x

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