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I have been looking around the web for a while now to find an alternative method of supporting my wife and I set-up some new weight loss goals. Let me explain -

We joined WW on-line using the Discovery Plan, we stuck with it for years,and even reached our goals and beyond. Blimey we got on the WW web sites success stories, with a professional photo shoot and the all expenses paid day out. Hey, we where even on MSNs front page one week in WW online Advert (very embarrassing for a Sunday league footballer with all his mates been given a headsup by one of the team!)

Then the commercial side of WW kicked in and decided they needed a re-brand to promote the healthy prepared food they where manufacturing. It seems they wanted away from the working model of many years, and they needed to make much more money out of us.

So, my affinity with WW was tested, but I went along with the PP points, and tried and tried to get along with a complete re-focus.

It failed, it failed enough for me that I need to get back on the Vintage scheme again, and begin to get back to healthy eating, portion control and eating to satisfaction rather than till the plate is finished.

Like anything, this is a touch down point, and starting somewhere is at least a start. We can do it, we did it before, and this time, it going to have to be without the WW website.

Hope this kick starts the emotions and the feeling that being a healthy weight brings.

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Welcome to the forum! :)


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Crikey, what a story. I hope you will be able to put all that behind you and make a fresh start the way you want. Good luck to both of you!