Hello I am back!

Hi all,

I was/am a member on the DH boards and I was on CD but hit a bad bit of depression and after I had lost two stone had decided to do the sensible thing and resume healthy eating(SW) . This was purely so I could have a chance to recover. I have just got back from a lovely two week hol and I ate fairly sensibly ,well as much as you can in a foreign land!:p
So I have come back weighing 5LBS heavier which was no great shock. I need some motivation from you guys so that I can get a stock full of healthy goodies and start my path to being healthy again. I have a lot of weight to lose and just gaining the 5lbs on hol which I know is not a mega amount has made me not feel so great as when I gain weight it goes straight to my face (aka hamster cheeks !) I know you all helped me when I was doing CD and I hope some of you that have decided to join Mini's board may remember me?

All of your help would be wonderful. If you have any SW tips,recipes etc then that would be a help.

Angie xxxx
Hello and a great big welcome to Minimins!! So glad to see you posting again and ready to take ont he challenge again.

In the big scheme of things, 5lb really isn't a lot (in fact I'd call that maintaining!) so you can carry on where you left off really :)

Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Welcome Home Angie!

Hi Angie,

Lovely to see you back and I hope you had a wonderful holiday:D

I think 5lbs. is fine, I know you may not think that, but honestly most people would give themselves a leeway of 5lbs gain and to stick to that is great, so well done and don't be hard on yourself.

We have started a Christmas Challenge today and it is about keeping motivated and to reward yourself at Christmas with a size or two down would be great!

Love Mini xxx
Hey Angie
I think i remember you from the DH forums, but WELCOME!!!!
Glad to hear that you are joining us on SW. Ill try and post when i can but ive only got internet access at work, so i can only post when no-ones looking!!
Anyway, good luck and message me if you need anything!

Take care xxxxxxx
Gotta go....someones coming!!!!
Thanks for all of you replying to me. I will join the xmas challenge. I think if I be realistic. I am not going to lose two stone by xmas but I will try for a 1 or 1.5 stone I think.
Thanks Mini and russian doll as well!!!! Is this the new place to post rather than going on DH or are people posting on both?

Angie xxx
Hi Angie, im new to this board (joined last week). Im following Slimming world principles after battling with CD for a couple of years. I too returned from holiday determined to beat this flab and i literally started the day after i got home.
From personal experience, i think youll have quicker and better results from following SW red days. I stocked up on cooked meats from the deli counter so there is always sometthing quick to grab in the fridge when i need to nibble and loads of fruit like grapes so that i can have a handful for the same reason. I like big dinners and certainly dont starve on this, remember free food means unlimited, take advantage of that. This way of eating works, its healthier than Atkins and not as complicated as the GI although similar to both.
I look forward to seeing your successes. Welcome.
Hi Angie, I'm cal counting and trying to eat healthily, not always easy but I have lost 16lbs in 7 weeks so I am quite pleased. Come on here as much as you can and you will find support, encouragement and loads of helpful info.
I can't speak for anyone else Angie but I only post on here now ... I think they ruined DH when they messed about with it (I couldn't even get back on there to post!). Anyway, Minimins is heaps better and is moderated which I think makes people feel more secure.

Of course, people are free to post wherever they like but in my honest and humble opinion, nothing beats Minimins!
Thanks again everybody.
I think I will just poast on here Debbie as I went obtain a new password and it took 13 hours for it to reach me. Looking at the number of posts on here it looks like nearly everyone has left DH! I don't blame them!

Angie xxx
welcome back

Hi there Angie and welcome back!

I have just recently re-started on CD, went on my summer hols and kids were off school and I regained nearly a stone in about 4/5 weeks!!!:eek:

Anway I have found a wonderful new CDC and have started on the 2nd leg of my journey......and I have a fab goal to get to, as finally after 12yrs together me and OH are getting married in march. I woke up the other morning in a mass panic wondering if we would have enough money for it!!LOL we are only having a small affair but still its still alot of money!

Anway you know you can do this and loose the weight...you just need to go round the super market and get all the healthy stuff...try some new recipes ...do SW have a msg board? I know WW does and it great for swapping ideas and tips etc

In the whole scheme of things 5lb is nothing honey...but I am like you and the weight goes straight to my face but on the good side its the first place it comes off !!

Any way keep on posting..I much prefer here now too..think DH has deffo been pipped at the post by Mini's!!:)

Chat soon hon

Lou X
Hi ya Lou!!

Congrats on planning your wedding. Weird I have been with my OH for 12 years since I was 19! bless him! and he has loved me fat or thin. well sadly the fat bit has crept back lol!
I have just done a shop on Tesco on line and it is full of veg,fruit and all things healthy. My idea is that if it isn't in the house I can't have it. I know I am not ready for CD again but I think that it was easy in a way I knew what I was allowed and not allowed. You never know I may go down that path again one day .
You will have enough for your wedding . Instead of wedding presents,like me you prob already have all teh stuff you need in the house you could have holiday vouchers and go away somewhere. It is always suprising that people will know someone that does flowers,makes wedding cakes etc. Are you having a white wedding?
On another note I know 5lb isn't alot but when you are eating more unhealthy stuff I think it makes you feel unhealthy in yourself if you know what I mean. I think I will never go on DH again it seems so much better on here than DH. I bet DH are kicking themselves for taking the boards down to improve them. No one now wants to go on there ! tee hee!
I now have a lovely bout of post holiday depression. When you are on holiday you don't have a care in the world and is pure escapism along with the fact I didn't give two hoots who saw me in a swim suit! lol
Good luck with the CD Lou. You have a really good incentive to reach target and in the unlikely even you don't you will still make a beautiful bride!

Angie xxxx