hello, i am new user plz read my Q

hello everybody,

first of all i would like to say i have just been looking at B4 and after pics and all u guys look sooooooo BEAUTIFUL and Amazinggggg.

I have few Q i am hoping some1 is going to help and by answaring me i would be more than gratful.
i want to do meal replacment diet i have 4 st to lose, i have done LIPO b4 but failed, i had ppl who put me off by sayig these diets dont work, you will put all the weight back on, i will get helth problems, BLA BLA BLA. That put me off and i gave up after 3 weeks.
after seeing soo many ppl on here on meal replacement on here i realy want to give it another go and get to my goal, can some1 plz tell me does the weight come back as soon as u start to eat and will i get any health problems.

i would like to do CD this time as i hear it has more flavours, can some1 pls tell me is CD is same as LT which is shakes 3 times a day and 3lt of water. How much does CD cost is it cheaper than LL i can not afford LL i think its about £60 sumthing. Do i need a form signed by my doctor for Cd or can i just join.

Please reply to my post and give me as much advice as
possible i will be very gratful.

Hiya....CD costs around £33 per week...unless you have any medical conditions you shouldnt need a doctors form signed for CD...cant say if the weight comes back on cos I am only on week 8 (and BTW, this is the BEST diet I have ever done!!) but I would imagine that if you go back to eating how you did before, yes the weight will go back on....have you checked the cambridge diet website? There is quite a lot of info on there......LL I think is £66 per week and the main difference is the counselling....on CD you take 3 'meals', shakes, soups or bars, and at least 2.25 litres of water....you should defiantely look at the CD site to find a CDC in your area....good luck hun!!