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Hello I am new.

I have done Slimming World before, last year. Managed to get to a normal weight range, just, before I had the shock of finding myself pregnant with my 4th. Anyway our daughter was born nearly 6 weeks ago and I suspect I have actually gained weight since she was born but know I am about 2 stone over the weight I was which is pretty gutting. Anyway, I need to get back on plan and try to shift the weight. It will probably be a week on Monday as I have a lack of food in the house and will do my big shop next weekend. I am breastfeeding exclusively so will have a read of the breastfeeding thread as I believe I get extra healthy extras.

Any tips? It seems a lifetime ago that I followed the plan but I can't afford to go back to group or do it online so am going to use my pack and just do my best!
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Good for you, I'm starting again non my own after quitting group last year, I really wouldn't worry, it seems to have come back to me with little effort. Congrats on the new bub, I hope to get pregnant soon, been trying for 2 months now
Iv found that using quark to make pasta sauces is helping, as I really love cheesy things, and it seems to give me the same feeling. I believe you get an extra healthy exta A when pregnant or breastfeeding
Good luck x


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Congratulations on the birth of your little girl!! I gained weight after I had my daughter too. If you're exclusively breastfeeding you get an extra 3 HEs in addition to your usual HEs so that's a total of 5 HEs on EE days and 7 on red/green days! When your baby is 2 months and is feeding more efficiently you get even MORE healthy extras, believe it or not lol. You get an extra 4 so 6 on EE and 8 on red/green!! I've lost 2st in 4 months and I ate every single one of my extra HEs!! Seems like a lot but you really need it as you'll be feeding a very hungry bubba :D Come over to the breastfeeding thread, lots of info and support there!
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Welcome & congrats on becoming a mummy again!!
I've only just started SW this week so don't really have any hints/tips for you :( Just thought I'd come say hello & good luck :)
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Congrats on the birth of your daughter! I started SW last week, am doing it at home too as I can't afford to go to the classes and my OH works shifts which doesn't help even if I could afford to go!

I had my second baby 5 months ago, and I lost weight whilst pregnant with her, but have put weight on since, so a similar reason to you why I'm doing SW!

I've found planning is my best tool really, as I am on a tight budget, and that way I know what to buy and what I'm eating, which tends to stop me from picking on naughty food, I've lost 4 pounds this first week.

Good luck!
Thank you for the congratulations and warm welcome! I have been lurking here a while as it is one of the sites google throws up when I am hunting for sw info. I need to sit down and meal plan so I can make sure I am ready to start next week. I am dreading stepping on the scales though. Baby has fed like a demon today and I feel so drained, hopefully getting back on plan and making sure I eat sensibly will help me to feel better.

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