Hello! :) I just joined (the forums and Slimming world) :P

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  1. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    Hello. :)
    I joined my first SW meeting last tuesday, and got a horrible shock of being 25 st 12 lbs! :( I did weigh myself a few months before that and I have lost 2 lbs, but I had hoped to lose more since I have been dieting. :(
    I've always been over weight. (Apparently in primary school a boy asked to see my breasts. I must have been under 6 at the point. It was a boy of similar age so don't worry haha! :) )
    I've been putting off joining for a few months. I told myself I would join after moving.. That was 3 months ago.
    I finally worked up the will power and now I hope that I will finally be able to lose! :) I've been on and off dieting my whole life and judged by my weight you can tell it didn't last..
    My first goal is lose 5 stone. That's losing what I put on since I got the contraceptive implant 2.5 years ago. If I can lose it within another 2.5 years I will be happy. :)

    Hope that everyone is well :eek:
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  3. littleblackcloudxo

    littleblackcloudxo Full Member

    Welcome to the forum :) I'm on SW too, and I love that I can eat unlimited pasta and potatoes! It takes a bit of effort to plan the meals but it will be well worth it. I lost 6.5lbs in my first week! x
  4. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    oh wow that's great, congrats on that. :)
    and I'm loving it too, lol. :DI just hope that I don't give in to temptation.. :) OH keeps offering me apple stroodle!
  5. littleblackcloudxo

    littleblackcloudxo Full Member

    Have a look at the Apple & Cinnamon Strudel on the SW website! x
  6. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    Hi, I hope it's going well for you, I've just restarted SW for the umpteenth time but I tentatively feel my head is in the right place for it right now.

    That first night, or rather the anticipation of finding out the horrible truth as you get on the scales, urgh. Still we are both past that now and presumably both have our first WI tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed for you that you have a substantial loss to start you off. And me :)
  7. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    It has been going well since I actually started to use my syns. :) It's amazing how even an Alpen light bar gets rid of the chocolate craving! Used that as my healthy B option today though. :D
    A friend told me it's common to be up and down for the first few weeks so they helped me relax, too.. I'm just glad that my tummy is no longer dodgy! I really dread to think how much fat I was having before with how long it took my body to adjust..

    yeah my first WI is tomorrow. I hope that yours will go well for you too! I'll let you know if I lose anything here tomorrow when I get in. :) Good luck to you, too! :D Fingers crossed for a big loss. :)
  8. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    I am so cross that there is no longer a dairy free Alpen Light - not had the inclination to write to them and complain though. The orange and dark choc one was really nice.

    Thinking about what you said about weighing yourself and only having lost 2lbs - did you weigh yourself at home, and then compare your SW weight to that? As there is no way of telling if your scales at home are reading as they should so you might have lost much more.

    When I got weighed I was lighter than I thought I would have been, as I got weighed at the doctors a while back and it was a few pounds heavier. The consultant said GPs scales don't get calibrated as often as SW ones do.
  9. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    I didn't realise that they don't do dairy free. Must be a bit of a bummer for those that are lactose intolerant :/

    Scales were doctors, Can't remember why I got weighed any more.. :/
    Oh well, I'll just happily start from now. :) I must admit I had been very naughty since then. The OH works rubbish shifts and quite often we got a take-away when he got home because it was too late and I couldn't be bothered to cook.
    It also doesn't help that our local take aways kept posting advertisements through our door. I finally had enough the other day and stuck up a "no junk mail" sign. Not had any since and weirdly enough not been craving a take away as much as normal! Buying the fakeaway book on tuesday in case I do ever get the urge though. :)

    Are you nervous about tomorrow? I sure am lol. :) But it's a good nervous :D
  10. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    Hi MelonColie,
    I'm new to SW and the forums as well. I am going to my first meeting tomorrow. I'm nervous!!!
    Hope your first weigh in goes well xx
  11. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    A bit excited actually, I've been binging for well over a year now and it feels good that I'm in a fit state to do something about my health at last. I messed up a bit yesterday with pitta and houmous when I was tired so am sticking to veggie soups and fruit today to compensate.

    It's a strange co-incidence that your OH does horrible shifts. So does mine, 12 hours at a time, two or three nights or days with a couple of days off inbetween to switch his sleeping pattern around - horrible and it's given him an ulcer. Well, our family troubles haven't helped but the funny thing is he is SO skinny, about 8 st so he rejoices when he can eat and I rejoice when I don't eat. Oh, families eh? We tend to bung some frozen chips in the oven and beans in the microwave when everyone is too tired to cook. Not the most exciting of foods but dh can eat that sort of thing when he is exhausted and he is very particular in what he will eat

    Good idea to stop the ads being posted through your door, you don't need your nose rubbed in it when you are trying to avoid such temptations. you'll be surprised I think, tomorrow when you get weighed, bet you've lost far more than you expected. Good luck with the fakeaway book.
  12. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    Hi Mollyrock, I'm not MelonColie but saw your post and thought I'd say hello. Your first meeting will be fine, I hope you have a good consultant, one that you get on with. Any problems with understanding the plan, holler out in the relevant part of the forum and someone will help, there are a lovely bunch of friendly helpful people on minimins .
    Last edited: 12 May 2014
  13. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    Aw thankyou Micci, that's very kind of you. Everyone seems nice and friendly here....and supportive. I'm looking frwd to getting to know you all and maybe in a few months time i be able to offer some friendly advice myself :) xx
  14. Cub's mummy

    Cub's mummy Member

    I was reading your reply - when you're eating late / too tired to cook why don't you try a jacket potato in the microwave and beans - that would've free on SW (less calories and quicker). Then if you have the will power you're OH can add in grated cheddar to help keep his weight on. My OH works shifts too and has health probs with bowels which means we have to make sure he keeps weight on. We eat the same meals cos he needs all the healthy good stuff that I do but I have a collection of snacks, puddings, cheese for him to add etc on top of my diet. I just keep them separate and view them as his. I have fruit, fat free yog, hifi or Alpen light bars if I need them.
    Also we have now accepted I cook and eat and he re- heats when he gets home - that way I pick less and we both eat healthier.

    Just a thought - it seems to be working for us.
  15. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    Awww, thanks Cub's mummy, microwave baked pots would be good for me, I don't eat the frozen chips very often and not at all now SW has started. Sounds like we have similar his/her eating issues. If its me that's cooking I bung loads of extra oil and nuts etc in his, I rarely eat his cooking as he can't get his head round SW at all. It's only got a bit of olive oil in it he will say, oh and some cashews, they're OK aren't they. Then when I've cautiously eaten a little he'll remember something else that went in that throws the dish way beyond my HEs and syns.

    Fortunately we are both vegan so we can have basically the same food items. But otherwise, eating is indeed strange in our house, my lad who has Asperger's has fixed tastes and won't come downstairs often, dh and I want to eat at different times most days and he's anxious about not eating enough, exactly the opposite to me. Crazy!
  16. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    Welcome Molly!
    I hope that your group is a lovely one.. I must admit that I was shocked at how lovely mine is. (I don't live in an overly nice town so I was a fair bit nervous lol.)
    I hope that everything goes well for you, do update us on how it goes. :)
    Must say I agree with how lovely and supportive everyone is here. :D It sure is a lovely place here isn't it? :)

    Micci : Mine is working 7 days a week at the moe. :/ I hate not having him at home but the other crew in our area got the sack and OH's is picking up their work too!
    Although mine's not as light as yours lol. :) He's probably about 16st.
    I hope that your OH's ulcer goes away soon. :( They aren't nice to have!
    I used to do the whole chips thing, too. I've taken to making SW chips lately which he approves of. :) Made some with fake KFC yesterday and it was a huge hit. (I was too full to eat much though.) :D he complained that I took the skin off his chicken too, though.
    I bet that you'll also have a nice surprise tomorrow :) I really hope that it goes well for you! :D

    OH isn't too happy with me right now, though.. I've had to order a new phone because mine's naff and I only ordered it for the SW app lol! Should come here tomorrow. :D

    Cubs Mummy : Do you know if you can use spaghetti hoops instead of a tin of beans? I really don't like beans but I would love to be able to do a quick meal like that. :)
    I'm starting to bulk cook so there's leftovers to hear up for the next day.. But the down side to leftovers is when you do a big batch with testing something and then you decide you don't like it! I did that today.. oops lol! Left it on the side in case OH likes it though :)

    Btw be careful! there are new alpen light bars (A friend scared me when she told me) with 89 calories instead of 70! apparently those don't count as your healthy B extra but the 70 ones still do. Tesco has a deal on the 70 cal ones atm :) I'm mas stocking up lol
    With the whole reheating thing I dish up both mine and the OH's food. The rest goes into containers and frozen straight away so I can't have more if I want.. seems to work well! If I'm hungry after I just have some fruit which is working really well. :) I love that strawberries are in season now!

    Made a horrible mistake today. :( I decided to microwave a muller light as I was wanting something warm like custard... Did not work well! Absolutely disgusting and I chucked it!
  17. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    Thankyou honi x
  18. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    7 Days a week, how awful :( I know you can have spaghetti hoops like that on a green day but I don't know about the other plans, you'd be best off with some super free with it on a green day and you MUST have the superfree on EE, but an apple for pudding would make that work.
  19. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    I'll ask in group today if anyone has any quick meal suggestions. :)

    Been an okay day today! Not really had anything to eat though.. I'm feeling nervous and can't bring myself to eat anything lol!
    OH has left for work again and won't be back until about 1am. :( I still feel really tempted to just order a pizza.
    Can't wait to get the fakeaway book today though :) Apparently there's pizza in it! I can make my own then.. :D
    Must say I'm very tempted to make some "smash" pizza now but I don't know if I should. I want to save all of my syns for a nice treat tonight and I would have to syn the cheese. (I'm a tea addict)

    My new phone hasn't arrived yet. :( I hope that it's here within the next 3 hours. :/ Got to leave for SW at about 4:50pm latest and the email I just got said I need to stay in until 8! I don't get back until 7pm. I did specify in the email that it has to be here by 5 (weigh in is until 5:30 and it's only a 5 min walk so it could work..)

    Oh well. :) Just excited for tonight lol!
  20. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    Lost 9lbs and got my 1/2 stone award! Mega chuffed :D
  21. Cub's mummy

    Cub's mummy Member

    Wow! 9lb in a week - that's amazing!
    My SW leader keeps trying to tell us that with the right dedication we could keep losing the amount that we lose in the first week. I've seen men do it but not women.

    I lost 3 which I'm pleased with as I was away for 2 nights with no control over the cooking and I gave in to cake yesterday. I think it was prob the loss that didn't show last week. 4lbs to go for my 2 stone. I had wanted that before our holiday the following week but that feels unlikely now.

    I think hoops are free on EE - as long as you add the super free as said before.

    Someone once told me 10lb was a dress size - not sure if its true but if so that should help keep your motivation up!


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