Hello - Im new and sceptical


A big hello to everyone on this forum. My name is Janey and im 39 years old. Soon to be 40 in January and I dont want to have my 40th birthday and be fat. Ive got about 5/6 stone to lose. Also we are going on a big family holiday to Florida in February. I am married with 2 children, a dog and a cat. My family do not have a weight problem just me. Ive put the weight on over the years due to depression which I am now receiving councelling for.

Ive been reading all your achievements and they are inspirational. So why o why am I still feeling so sceptical. Its not that Im worried about the weight coming off cos I now it will, im more worried about maintaining it afterwoods. I just wonder if you can ever eat healthily but normally with the family when you reach goal. What I mean is can you have a normal breakie, lunch and dinner. I suppose I feel like this because so many people at my work think Im crazy to even contemplate this diet and they all say it will end in disaster and that I will gain even more than I lose within 6-12 months of finishing the cd. I know I will be able to control my eating after so I figure as long as I work my way up through the stages like cambridge suggest there should be no problem in maintaining my weight loss.

Sorry to ramble on theres just so much wizing around in my head.


Hiya Janey!

Welcome to the boards.

I promise you that you can eat normally after you do this diet and not put weight on!

No diet allows you to eat like you did before the diet and maintain your new weight so you have to cut down but if you were eating the right amount you wouldn't be big in the first place (did that make sense!)

Anyway welcome and pull up a chair and you will be skinny in no time, then hang around on here and any advice you need to maintain your weight just ask away!

Thanks Mike, I would never have found this forum if I had not seen your blog.

Ive put your blog page in my favourites because its great reading and your inspirational.

Must dash now otherwise I will be late for work, lol.

Hi Janey

Welcome to MiniMins, I too am very scared of the future - for me, my goal has always been to lose weight, I have never thought beyond that because that was always the holy grail. Now for the first time in my adult life I am having to think beyond that it is very very scary.

I am doing Lighter Life and the reason I chose this very expensive option was because of the counselling which I personally have found invaluable. I think in order to maintain you have to reprogramme your brain in many ways.

I am hoping that with the tools I have acquired over the course of the 100 days and especially with those on the management programme I will learn to live life as a thin person and accept that you can "cheat" (for want of a better word) by having an occasional big meal or whatever so long as you remain eating healthily for the rest of the time.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
HI Janey,

i am on the LL programme and it has chenged my life totally, i have lost 5 1/2 stone and want to lose another 4/5 lbs. i have been on maintenance for 3 and a bit months and have bobbed up and down by a few lbs,just like normal people do, I am trying to get the last few lbs off and so am SSing for 2 weeks, its great to have that option as it means if i do go a bit over my buffer then i can quickly sort it out and dealing with a few lbs (like after christmas and holidays) is much easier that a few stones. i had been overweight for 29 yrs, the rest of my family are slim so now i can eat with them and be "normal", BUT when i find an old habit coming back i recognise it and challenge it, these are all things I have learnt on LL and i have to say for me the cbt/ta has made all the difference as now I understand why i used food to try to change the way I felt and hopefully i will be able to use these tools to help me stay slim for ever, some bright soul on here said ............ IF YOU GO BACK TO WHAT YOU DID BEFORE, YOU WILL BE WHAT YOU WERE BEFORE!!! and thats is about all there is too it, the change has to be permenant and thats the same however you lose weight.
there will be lots of people who will try to steer you off course and we call them our "SABBATEURS" , try to ignore them, it will always be about what is going on for them, a thin "friend" who likes having a fat friend to make them look good, or someone with weight issues themselves who dont feel able to challenge thier own demons, also people worry that you will change as a person and you will , but its about you and no one else, set your target and go for it, you will never regret it and on here you will find all the support you need.

good luck and keep posting.

I love these forums cos they really do give u the support u need. I, too, get sceptical and read about those who 'put it al back on again'.
But I've never been a binge-eater, just ate badly for a long time.
I feel confident that I will succeed(lost 3 stones in 7 weeks so far) but I know that the steps thru maintenance will be the most difficult part. I think we just need to cherish what we've accomplished and plan(very very well) our meals and we'll do great. I think if u take ur eye of the target and sit back and say 'well I've done it, I can go back to eating the way I did before' then u'll lose. That's me anyway.
I know this is achievable. Look at Mike! Bloody brilliant.
I just want to reiterate what the others said really :D

If you take the time whilst you are dieting to think about your trigger foods/situations and try to find ways to combat them whilst you are dieting then you will have more chance of keeping the weight off once you have lost it.

The only certainty with whatever diet you are doing is that you need to make life long changes to maintain the weight loss. If you don't do this then you will regain the weight.

I am still going through the weigh loss process and nothing is guarenteed but I know I have learnt loads about my weeknesses. When I have dieted before it was only to lose weight with no thought of what comes after. This time round it is all about what comes after and this just happens to help me stick to what I need to do now :D
I replied to you on the other thread ('maintained for a year now struggling'...or something)

I've been a binge eater forever, and now eating normally. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.

Have a look on my maintaining food diary thread to see what I eat here

this is a fantastic diet so dont let other people's nievity make u think other wise:)

you wont be dissapointed and just think of their faces when you prove them wrong :D
I think its natural to panic. I would LOVE to go back to eating my ritual amount of food - a roll filled to breaking point, with a muffin (giant) and a packet of crisps topped off with a can o coke...

Plus the rest.

But i know that although occasionally i can indulge it wont and cant be literally every solitary day...and i have to watch that as i have a massive tendancy to overeat daily...

but its worth the glory of getting down, and feeling fabulous (and looking great).