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Hello! I'm new to this forum after reading for weeks!

My name is Helen & I am currently on week 5 of Lipotrim. I fainted last week and was out for 40 minutes, coming round due to my Shar Pei licking my face! I am thinking of changing her name to Lassie...! I decided to carry on, against everyone's advice & have been fine. I had just moved house, routine was all over the place, not having shake on time etc.
I have lost 2 stones in 5 weeks and cannot quite believe it! I was expecting maybe 1 stone a month but am not going to complain!
Just wanted to say that I am doing this 100% no food or extras and finding it fine now. I agree the first 3 days are the worst and I read this forum loads before deciding to start the diet. Thank to everyone for all the help & advice they didn't realise they were giving me:)
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Hi Helen, and welcome to the forum. You will find you get loads of support and encouragement on here. A great group of people. As you have been on the diet 5 weeks, you will be in a position to help others either beginning the diet or thinking of starting the diet. We are all in the same boat as it were. :) xx
Welcome Helen and also huge congrats on the 2 stone loss, that is a fantastic loss! Well done. Hope you enjoy your time here xxx
Welcome to the mad house and well done on your loss! Passing out sounds very scary - just make sure you don't do a repeat performance! Enjoy the crazy that is the LT forum! x


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Wow on the loss.....well done.....some people can experience fainting...usually if they have over exerted themselves much more then usual....I did have dizzy spells occassionally when I was TFR.

Pleased you carried on through and are now doing fine.....keep up the fabby work and im thinking bout restarting so I may be on here with you all very soon
Thanks for the encouragment ladies! Yes fainting was frightening but looking back I had just moved house and not had shakes on time, routine was all over the place etc. I live in Bulgaria on my own at the moment as my fiancee is working in Jordan so a lot to deal with on my own! Thankfully no more fainting since, feel a bit wobbly at times but making sure I have the shakes regularly spaced out now!

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