hello, I'm new

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Hello, I'm new around here. I think I shall be spending an awful lot of time on here in the next few months and so I am asking for your help and support in advance.

So anyway, an introduction. :wave_cry:

I'm 28 years old and have four cats :D, a horse, a labrador and a husband. I'm always freezing cold (and have a slight twilight obsession hence the username for those of you that have read the books) and if I remember correctly, I shall be even more cold soon.

I lost weight with CD in 2007 and found the whole process very empowering and went from shrinking wallflower to a confident person for the first time in my life. I got married wearing a size 10 dress and felt beautiful and worthy of marrying my handsome husband.

I maintained for 18months ish by going to the the gym, running, riding my horse and being reasonably careful with what I was eating.

And then it all went wrong....:break_diet:

I got a new job, moved house, started working 100 hours a week (not joking), was tired, skint, stressed, my husband got his dream job 150miles away. So I turned to haagen dazs and kettle chips (not together I may add)....... :rolleyes:

So, here I am. Three and a half stones heavier than my happy weight. I hate feeling this way; no clothes seem to fit right or look nice, my face looks bloated and spotty, I'm permanently exhausted and I feel uncomfy and smothered by this horrid fat that is engulfing me. :( The other day at work someone said something about me being a 'bigger girl' and that just doesn't feel like me.

I now have a much better job (good working hours for a change) and my husband and I are living in our dream house in the countryside. So mentally, now I'm in as good a place as any to start my second(and final) CD journey.

Is anyone else starting now? I go to meet my CDC tomorrow so officially start on wednesday. Get in touch and we can support each other.
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I picked my packs up today so start tomorrow eeek.

Nope haven't done it before, but looking forward to it.

Did you find it easy last time?

Anthony Smith

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Good luck too both of you im sure you will do just amazing, and as you will no 'the cold one' that CD is a great diet and works wonders :),

keep us posted on how your getting on :D

Good Luck !!!



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good luck,i have to say this forum helps you to keep your head on track xx


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Well hello and welcome :D

Love'd your story you seem to have been through alot no wonder you turned to kettle chips and hagendaz lol (i perfered two men in my life tho mr ben and jerry :p) I wish you ALL the best for the CD i am sure you will do it no problem. Good Luck hun... we will all support you on here :D xxxx
S: 13st2lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st9lb(4.89%)
yay, so many nice people on here.

I can't wait to get started, just wish I could fast forwards into ketosis. Last time I felt ok on day 1 and 2 as I kept busy, day 3 I felt horrid and headachey and bleurgh. And day 4 I woke up before my alarm clock raring to go, full of energy.

I am working on friday (will be my day 3) so will be busy all day, and then I plan on being on here lots in the evening, and then have an early night when the temptation starts!

Last time, once I got into ketosis I was flying. I felt kind of euphoric, full of energy, loved the compliments and enjoyed going shopping for new skinny clothes.

I remember staying the same for a couple of weeks after losing 2 stone (after about 6weeks) but I stuck with it and eventually the scales reflected what my tape measure was telling me.

I'm so excited! You are all such a nice supportive bunch, and also really inspiring. Three cheers for minimins!


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Aw it wont be long b4 you are in ketosis hun and then its easy from there(ish) lol I am in ketosis but i am always thinking about food, thats because i want it not that i am hungry lol. Its gettin easier tho :D Let us know how you get on hun <3 xxx


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hi cold one! good luck. your right about cd being empowering, that how i feel about it and i like taking food out of the equation. hope you do really well. good luck.


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Good Luck to all the newbies, welcome to this very friendly and supportive forum x