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Hello! I'm new!


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I joined here a few months ago with the intentions of finally starting to lose weight - err, that didn't happen BUT on Monday(15/8/11 - first day of the rest of my life :D) I started healthy eating and exercise.

I was a VERY chubby baby - like one of the chubbiest babies most people have seen(probably a lot to do with not walking until I was well over a year and a half old!) but by the time I was 3 I was I guess "average" weight for my age up until I was around 13 and started secondary school.

I am a student and I just hate going out with friends now because I am so self conscious about my size and can't find clothes I feel good in apart from loose baggy hoodies, tracksuit pants etc. :cry:

On Sunday I weighed myself and was 228.2lbs/16.3 stone.
I knew I was over weight but not that much!

My biggest problem is lack of exercise and chocolate (addicted to it :eek:)

I've started healthy eating and smaller portions. I've cut out everything like coffee, chocolate, sweets etc.
I am really unfit so starting slowly with the exercise - so far I have been doing 5km a day on an exercise bike and hope to increase that a little each day.
I go back to college in 5 weeks and plan on walking home most days instead of getting the bus.

I have a dog and would love to get some more exercise by walking him but he's always hated walking where I live because of the traffic - he is afraid of the cars.
He's lucky he's a toy breed and gets enough exercise by playing and running around inside!

In 10 weeks I am turning 20 and would love to have lost a good bit of weight by then.

My goal weight is 140lbs/10 stone.
I hope that by the time I am 21 I can feel confident enough to be able to wear nice clothes and have a big party - I refused to go out with friends for my 18th and I so wish I could have :(

I have some health issues at the moment - nothing to do with being overweight but I am hoping they don't hold me back!

I am so looking forward to participating on this forum and making new friends here :D

Fia x
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Hi Fia, Glad to hear that you are going to try to get that weight off. At your young age you should be enjoying life to the full and 16.3 is far too much for you my dear girlie.
Doo start a diary as soon as possible and get everything logged in including the way you are feeling each day so your friends on here can help you when necessary.
I'm sure that this time you will succeed now you realise how serious this is getting.
All the very best to you...Take care ...:)


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Hi Emmaline,

Thanks for the reply!
You're so right! 16.3 is so not an acceptable weight for me!

I will start a diary! Thanks for that advice!

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