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Hello Ladies

S: 16st4lb C: 15st12lb G: 12st12lb Loss: 0st6lb(2.63%)
I have recentley been told i may have PCOS by My GP after some blood tests shown up high levels of testosterone and androgen ? I have been suffering with severe Depression and ive switched form Citalopram 40mg to Prozac 2omg after horiffic side effects. I have put a stone and half on in over 2 months, I havent had a period for 3 months. I feel like im ill not just ubder the weather . I have been booked in for an ultrasound next week. I just dont know where to start with anything i have tried going to weightwatchers but my mind just wont focus :( any advice would be much appreciated x :sigh:
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I'm not cutting and running, but I will reply to this in the morning when I'm awake. Just didn't want you to think no-one was replying as the board can be a bit quiet at times.

Right reply. First things first, the most critical thing is to give your depression meds time to work. I say this because PCOS can be irritating at times, and things you would maybe find a pain the ass when feeling 'normal' will get you down when you're depressed.

Your scan may or may not show cysts. My last scan I got when I was 7 weeks pregnant showed my cysts that I DID have 7 years ago are gone. I still have the PCOS but the cysts are gone? No idea why.

The irregular periods are a PCOS thing, but could be a side effect of the depression, the bad news I'm afraid is that the higher your weight, the more your PCOS symptoms can be exacerbated. I was put on the pill to stimulate a period every month, but this isn't a treatment for PCOS it just masks the symptoms, but it did mean I was shedding my womb lining regularly which was the primary aim for me. If you do go on the pill, there are certain ones to avoid as they can trigger additional PCOS symptoms. I have a list somewhere I can post if you need it?

Weight loss wise this is a difficult time for you if you can't focus. Whatever 'diet' works best for you is the onle that you can follow without too much concentration at the moment (please don't think I'm being patronising, I've had clinical depression and could barely motivate myself to get out of bed to get showered and dressed, so trying to change my whole eating plan would have been out of the question) so from that perspective can I suggest following a more PCOS friendly diet without it being a full on hardcore thing?

PCOS' biggest trigger is sugar. This triggers insulin production in your body, but too much of it, without going into hundreds of detail about insulin resistance and weight gain, it's why a high number of people with PCOS end up with insulin resistance and eventually type 2 diabetes.

With that in mind, what about a simple step to cut out sugar? White sugar, sugar syrups, white bread etc? Switching to wholemeal breads/pasta, preferable seeded bread as it takes longer for your body to break this down into sugar. I know you've probably done a part of this on WW, but it's a smaller step instead of a whole shift onto a diet which at this point in time might be too much of a brain drain getting used to a diagnosis and a new med.

For further reading I suggest Verity.co.uk a PCOS charity/support group.

This book is straight forward http://www.amazon.co.uk/Managing-PC...7947/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1309170695&sr=8-2

This one looks fairly decent http://www.amazon.co.uk/Patients-Gu...8282/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1309170695&sr=8-9

You will get recommended diets for PCOS including low carb (again the sugar involvement) and specific PCOS diets which I can tell you after much trial and error are lower GI healthy eating plans.

The good news? PCOS does not mean you can't have children. PCOS is a manageable condition if you don't listen to scaremongering or Dr's telling you 'it's just how it is'. It doesn't mean you'll automatically be overweight/hairy/spotty/whatever for forever, it's just tailoring the right approach for you.

Does this help any or have I missed anything you'd like to know?
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I to have pcos, have depression on 60mg of citalapram. I did slimming world and I could not get my head into it. When I told the consultant at slimming she could not give a damn. But I did tell her it is harder for me to lose weight as I have the depression to battle also
S: 16st4lb C: 15st12lb G: 12st12lb Loss: 0st6lb(2.63%)
Lexi Dog, Thank you so much that was fantastic and much appreciated. Its a vicious circle but just trying to make subtle changes is probably the way to go for me as my mood is hard to contain into 1 word. I will try to reduce sugar and refined carbs. Just trying to work out an easy to follow plan, i think i should maybe follow my WW plan at home and see how i get on with my depression. xx

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