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Hello motivation! Jade's Diary . .

I've probably been forgotton by now but I was here from October to Christmas and I lost just over a stone in that time. Christmas arrived and my willpower was thrown out with the selection box wrappers however I am back (for good) and I have 5 months to do as well as is physically possible to get some more of this weight off.
Started on Monday, not sure whether I am through the flu or not yet, I felt bad for a couple of days but don't feel quite so bad now, been very good this week so far.

Weigh in day is going to be Monday and I am going to take this weeks as week one, after i'm definitely in Ketosis :D
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Hi Jade, not forgotten love, but people do come and go. :)

welcome back.


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Welcome back Jade
Thanks guys.
Had a good day today, lost my appetite somewhat too so i'm hoping thats a positive sign for ketosis. Had an omelette for breakfast and chicken salad for lunch and then sausage and chicken with vegetable bake. Yum yum.
Hope everyone else is still doing well, I will have a read of everyones diaries when I get some free time, life is chaos at the moment.


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Hi Jade nice to meet you :)
Not really how I wanted week 1 to go. Proper wobbler of a week which resulted in me devouring a factory worth of Party Rings yesterday and feeling ridiculously guilty last night. Went on an 8 mile walk this morning though and came back to burgers and salad so today is a good day. I was trying to work around having one naughty day a week but its just not sustainable, if I have an off day I have 3 so I have scaled my off day to once a month. Trying to get at least 10 miles a week walking in too.
Hope everyone else has been better, hopefully I shall be around more this week, im working a relatively normal shift thank goodness!
Thanks everyone. Going to try and meal plan a bit better this week and see if that makes a difference for staying on track. Shall also stay away from all supermarkets/corner shops or other because I have NO willpower. I dont need chocolate, i just want it. There are things I want more now though, just need to bear that in mind.
Try and have 'off days' as little as possible, they honestly make the diet so much harder by taking you out of ketosis and instantly bringing back your carb and sugar cravings. It's not like calorie counting where having a blow out just means you need to reduce your calories more the next week. If you go out of ketosis your body has to get back there before you start burning fat again and that can take 3 to 5 days. So with one major 'off' day a week you might only be burning fat two days per week, and depending how big your off day was in terms of what you ate, those two days might just be burning off what you put on each week.

I find it very hard not having things I think of as 'treats', but in the end a treat isn't worth a possible week with no loss to me. Sounds like you have reached the same conclusion. Good luck, and well done for getting back on it.
Morning Jim. Wa pretty good today, probably could have had more water but was good everywhere else so just need to keep this frame of mind now! Hope everyone had a lovely day.
Hey girls,
Jade well done for coming back. I need some help, i started atkins today and ive heard your talking about ketosis, sorry if i sound stupid but how is it by eating we go into ketosis? when i was on lipotrim 2 years ago i stayed in ketosis for 6months but i didnt eat anything at all, only the horrible (yuk) shakes but i lost 8 stone, now ive put 4 of it back on and i heard atkins is a good way to do it without going to the extreme of lipotrim again (i suffered a peptic ulcer from it) v ill. anyway if anyone can tell me how we go into ketosis still and also do u have to count the fat and calorie content or not? Thanks girlies xxxx

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