Hello -my first post!


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I am new here and thought I should introduce myself. I am 49 yrs old, mother of 4, married for 26 years and live in Northern Ireland.
I first got to goal of 10 st, in '96 having lost 4 stone. I gradually put on 2 stone and got that off July 05. Again 16lbs on, got back to goal October 07. At present I am 7 lbs over goal but determined to get back there. I am an emotional eater, follow WW Core plan and find maintenence hard.
I do hope I have posted this message correctly:confused:
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Welcome to our community :D:D:D

Lacey..xx :)


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Hello and welcome!! Good luck with your journey!! Cant wait until I only have 7lbs to lose!! It will be gone in no time! :)


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welcome to the WW section - congrats on getting to goal so many times, i cant wait until i get there! :D xxx


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Yay another (NOIRN ERLAND)ER! Welcome aboard ull soon have ur gain of u in no time u have prooved it to urself already u can do it and it really is a great site full of lovely ppl with great motivation welcomexx

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Hi and welcome along to WW forum.

You have done really well getting back on track with only 7lbs over your goal weight.

That maintenance part is a right game isn't it.

the 7lb will be off in no time at all.

Good for you for starting before Christmas too

Rosie x