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Hello My friends! Chocolate... Anyone?


Well I am so happy. I am on day 11 and I dont feel like the living death.

But I tell you... I went for my weigh in today and up to this point I had only had the chocolate water shakes.

They dared me... "Try the flapjack" - I did. One word.


The other flavours are pure evil. Is anyone else here having just chocolate?

I have images of horror. The only thing in stock is Penut flapjack.

Right, 10:20 - time for a glass of water and bed!

Goodnight Minimins! Your all brilliant.

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Choc is the best for me although I do have soup as my evening meal just so I can sit with the family at the table. I tried a tiny corner of a flapjack last time I was on LT, I nearly threw up but some people love them. Must be a love hate thing!!!xxx
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Three chocolate a day for me from the word go :) Only way I could do it!

Glad to hear you're feeling well, well done for making it this far :) Good luck for the rest of the week!



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OK am I the only weirdo - I love the coconut flapjacks - have one every morning rushing to work in car with a takeaway black coffee. i get a mixture of everything - I like them all and the variety helps me on the diet .
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I like to have all the flavours just to vary it, havent had the flapjacks this time but they were handy if I needed to have a chew!


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i only drank strawberry shakes for almost 6 weeks retried the chocolate one's last sunday and yummy i absolutely hated it the first day! your taste buds change so i wud defo try other one's after a few weeks. Flap jacks yuck wont be trying them again the shakes are yum now so im happy!
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I quite like the peanut flapjacks, have one for lunch when i'm at work every day, the peanut ones are much better than the coconut one though! I also like the choc and vanilla shakes too, so i do have quite a variety!!
I just have the chocolate too but I always have mine with cold coffee in... I like to think it's an Iced Mocha! Delicious! x


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i ahve all 3 flavour shakes every day, and quite enjoyed (maybe enjoyed is the wrong word) both the flapjacks when I tried them recently. Will get more at weigh in Saturday :)
I only have chocolate now, i tried everything, was almost sick with the chicken soup and flapjacks... I don't mind strawberry but choc is my fav so i'm sticking with that


Is a loser! ;-)
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flapjacks are pure evil for me! lol
I love the strawberry shakes, i have 1 for brekkie, 1 for dinner and a choc one for tea.....


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choc is def my favorite.. have a few strawberry for a change but not many.
flapjacks are foul!! would prefer them to taste of really plain or of nothing rather than that horrible taste. never trying them again.

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