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hello... my name is mena, and im an emotional eater

this is my first day on the forums, and im not actually sure if i'll be posting correctly but here we go:

My name is Mena :wave_cry: im 5'6" and 22. I've always been the same size as my age and im sick of it. My weight really sky rocketed when i was 18. I moved from California with my parents to the cold pastures of North England. I felt iscolated and depressed so i started to comfort eat.

I met a boy, moved away from my parents, stayed with the boy, relationship with boy went sour, STILL stayed with the boy, STILL comfort eating, became even more horribly depressed to the point of needing medical help.
Fast forward 3 years and im with NEW boy, in love with boy, happy-ish with job, seeing parents more regularly, but now i'm eating out of habit than hunger.

i dont know what i USED to be in weight but i know i was a size 14, now im a 22. weighing in a hefty 17ST. Im not exactly financially stable enough to go to slimming world meeting but i've got the books and are starting from scratch at home with my boyfriend.

Im really looking for tips, help, suggestions, and support. I hope im looking in the right place :eek:
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hiya and welcome to minimins! the best advice i can give you is that conquering emotional eating is much less to do with your weight and diets and much more to do with really understanding your unhealthy relationship with food. You have already done really well recognising you have a problem and looking for help to solve it. Many people dont and end up putting back on any loss that they have had. You have also uncovered some of the issues that lead to you using food addictively - loneliness, depression, and needing comfort. The next step is to look for other ways to deal with your feelings other than food. I'm right there too and its hard but i'm doing my best to read as much as i can and work through any suggestions or exercises i find. Take a look at the 'bring your head inside' forum, the emotional eating thread on this forum and also this one . I find it really helps to read blogs by people who are going through the same thing - if you go on mine there are lots of links to some really good ones. the main emphasis of these blogs is a vlc diet but a few have realised that it helps to work on the emotional eating now rather than after goal. good luck with you journey x


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welcome to minimins .. and good luck on your weight loss journey xx


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Hi mena, my names taryn and im an emotional eater( and slightly drunk so i apoloigise for spelling_
welcome to the site.....its fabulous and provides some great inspiration and support. The people on here are lovely and really supportive. Im 21....nearly 22............if you want to message me feel free........

Good luck on your journey.
Taz x
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Hi Mena....
I too am an emotional eater, lots has happened to me over the last 2 years which made it so much worse , I eat when Im very low and very high, Starting my diet has been very emotional and tough but Im pushing through, everytime I think about falling off the wagon I think about my trip to Berlin for new years eve and how I want to be lighter than I am now and fit in to some decent jeans...because it's going to be cold!!
It's hard but you will get there, nice to hear your B/F is holding your hand through this :)
Stay strong and know that there are so many people on here that know how you feel, you are not alone xxxxxxx
mena!!!! sorry its just im so glad to hear someone else's story and think wow she knows what im going through. i too since young age have been the same weight as my age. i lost 3 and a half stone when i was 18 then my best friend died and i was sick for 5 months and over the course of two years i lost a stone through yo yo dieting. in the past year alot of things have happened both good and bad. i have fell out with a few friends all over various silly reasons and i have had a rocky relationship with my mam. however im in my final year of a degree i love, still have all my brilliant friends and am madly in love with a guy after some pretty bad ones before him! neway things are going great except like you im finding it hard to get out of the eating habits after years of emotional eating. recently ive admitted my problem to people i would never dream off including my boyfriend. and together with support and slimming world, step my step i am on the way to reaching my biggest goal, no not a weight amount but to not base the food i eat on how i feel emotionally. here is a good link to a thread i started with lots of advice.

chin up ok!!! we can do it!!!! :D xxx

I feel the exact same way. I've tried weight watchers, slimming world, several 'unorthodox' diets and finally cambridge. I did really well and within a month lost a stone but my body was fantastic. I loved that my clothes were falling off etc. However I couldn't afford the taxi fairs up to my cambridge diet councillor (£20 a go) and therefore fell off the bandwagon. I fell back into my old habits of eating crap - and ALOT of it! I really want to go back on the cambridge diet and am looking into my options.


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Hi hon,

Welcome to the forum! I too am an emotional eater and my emotional eating started, like yours, when I had problems with a guy and it kept getting worse.

I hope you'll find the support you need on this forum to overcome this!

You can do it!!

xx Lostris

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