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Hello New Person here x

Hi - following lots of good reports from friends about how well they have done, I have decided to give SW a go. I was going to go to a meeting this week but found all the local groups are in the evenings ( I am single mum and can't go then).
I have looked at the other options - postal and online and wonder if anyone has done these and could they recommend it.
Is there anyway of looking at online - a tester page to see what it looks like.Does anyone think the postal will give the motivation and support needed.
Sorry for all the questions but I have to be careful where I put my money
Thanks for help
Sam xxx
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Hey Sam, afraid i can't be much help.....just wanted to wish you lots of luck whichever path you choose, for me the weigh ins are a great motivator and keep me on track and i enjoy the groups (when i went before this is as i have just re-started) but it really is a personal thing xxxxxx
Hi there!
If you go to the slimming world website, there is a free trial menu on there for the 7 days - you have to option of either just green days (mainly rice, pasta and potatoes - limited meat), or a combination of red and green days.
If you also have a look at some of the diaries on here, you will see that you dont need to have a huge budget to eat well on this plan (I couldnt afford to anyway!)
I have done this diet for years, so I am trying it on my own....on day 6 and feel great!
Welcome and I hope this helps you!!

No your right - I think it will be ok pricewise to do the plan - I'm pretty good for shopping for bargains anyway. Its' just that the online membership is 50 or 60 quid.And I can't find any way of seeing what you get til you've paid for it.
Going to have a look at website again and see how far I'd have to travel for a day group
Welcome to minis, cant help with SW as I have had surgery. There is a lot of support on here which might keep you on track if you did it by the internet, initial outlay is a bit expensive but might actually work out cheaper than the classes etc....good luck...xx
Yesterday I wasn't really doing the plan as I don't know what to do yet but from what friends have said I thought I'd have a go.

BRUNCH ( I was at a friends)
Cheese muffin
lean bacon
poached egg
1 laughing cow

laughing cow
Muller light


Poached egg
SW fries
Wholemeal roll

I drink lots of tea so a good portion of milk would have been consumed.

Am I right that it is 1 or 2 HEa and 2 HEb?

How did I do? I did get peckish in the evening but because of only having a brunch, I guess that was understandable.

Looking at the trial menus I feel a bit scared of doing an original day


Hi Whoami, just looking over what you had to eat...try and avoid the cheese muffins again (I know you were at a friends), was the laughing cow the extra light version, or just light? If you have the extra light, you can have 6 of them as one HEA.
Did you do the mix2max day? as I spotted the SW chips as well as beans and wholemeal roll.
You can choose either to have one or two HEAs (I only have the one) and yes, you have 2 HEBs.
I hope this helps!!!

The breakfast was kind of a slip up as I had little control.
Guess it would have been a MIX and Match ( thats when you do things at different times -right?)
The laughing cow is extra light - my friend had some and she told me about it, so I thought I'd buy some on my way home - 6 blimey!
There are no day clubs near me so I'm going to have to pay for the online I think - bit sad cause the face to face support would have been nice
Is it the body optimise you do online? It justs seems so expensive.
What is it like - what can you do on there?
Hiya, im in the same kinda boat as you, cant get to a group in an evening.:cry:
Ive been doing the plan at home on my own but like you say it would be nice to have face to face support. I was considering postal mebership, let us know which one you choose and if you would recommend it.
Good luck :)
Is it the body optimise you do online? It justs seems so expensive.
What is it like - what can you do on there?
It is expensive. You can search for recipes you have an online food diary. You get up to date listings on syn values. You can add your target weight and watch it fall. To be honest most of that you can do on here. You can always post syn queries etc and someone will help.

As I said you can always buy SW stuff on ebay, it's cheaper.

Thank you so much.
There is some stuff finishing this afternoon on ebay so I think I will go for that for now. Obviously won't have it for a few days so I may come here for help to start off with.

I've just been round my friends house - was absolutely starving so I made the vegetable cous cous from this months SW mag ...and it was gorgeous. She was quite chuffed too!

Thanks x
No - I just bought it in Tescos on saturday - thought it might give me some useful ideas. The recipes look very tempting. I'm a bit unsure about doing a red day tho. Might stickto green for a bit til I get confident.
Don't be scared of red! It feels a bit odd the first couple of times you do it, but it's worth a go if you like meat. I like both red and green but like to mix the days up because if I do too many green I feel a bit deprived of meat and then if I do too many red I crave a mahoosive bowl of pasta!

It's easy really - dinners can be steak or chops or anything like that with loads of lovely veg, steamed, roasted, however you like! There are lots of recipes in the mags and on here.

Just plan a day, give it a go and then see how you get on with it...then at least you have the choice :)
How come the plans on ebay are selling for more than it would cost to go to slimming world and get them??
A friend is going to come and sit with mine for half an hour so that I can go to the meeting and get the pack - i'll get the online code then as well won't i.
Nearly twice as much the last one on ebay sold for :eek:

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