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Hello, Newbie here, CD advice please

Hi all,

I have just joined minimins so wanted to introduce myself, my name is Michelle and I am now desperate to lose weight so we can start trying for baby number 2! I have been dieting for years with SW and was doing ok (size 14/16 after have my ds) until last July I started to pile on the pounds FAST for no obvious reason (no pigging out as at SW) and it was a month before I was a bridesmaid. So now I have just reached breaking point (size 20/22) but my confidence and self belief are so low I am already doubting I can do it :cry:. Anyone else thought this and surprised themselves??

I am hoping to start CD soon and wondered if anyone knew of a great supportive leader in the Derby/Notts area and also what advice you would give regarding preparing for CD, i.e cutting down etc as I tend to suffer badly with headaches anyway.

Finally, I am going to Cornwall for a week mid Sept so should I put it off till after? Bit worried I will put it all back on the week I am away?

Any thoughts and advice very much welcome, thank you
Michelle :)
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Hi Michelle, welcome. I'm only a newbie, day 4, but I would bite the bullet and start CD before your holiday. It may be when you go away you will be in a different mind set and not regain. Anyway, good luck.
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say thankyou for the welcome and advice, I have checked out the website and hope to start this week!

Thanks again
Michelle :)
hello and welcome to the forum

no it isn't easy, nothing in life is, but it is well worth it.

you will get a lot of support on here.

good luck and start asap
Hiya Michelle and welcome to the forum! check out the website as suggested and hope you find a counceller you get on well with cos thats important in itsself.
Im currently on day two and found yesterday really hard but today feel ok today. And ive lost 4lbs already - I really recommend you try cd as you could really shift some pounds quickly in time.
Hiya Michelle! and welcome to what will be the start of your new life :)

I'm a bit similar to you in that I'm a size 20/22 also, and my self confidence and feeling of self worth have been totally in the gutter this year, and no matter how much I try and tell myself my weight doesn't bother me, it's what's inside etc etc, I know that it does bother me and now's the time to do something about it...

I think the most important think on this diet that you can tell yourself if that it is YOUR CHOICE to do it... No one's making you do it, or taking your food away from you like a punishment, YOU are making the choice to live your life a little bit restrictive for a SHORT period of time (after all, what's 60 days out of 60 years?!) in order to make things better in the long run for you and your family (hopefully expanding! :))....

I say this cos I think so many people fail because they see food as being taken away from them and they go into 'panic mode' where food is all they think about all the time... and unfortunately it leads to not being able to focus on long term success and ends up with them 'falling off the wagon'...

This diet IS tough, in my personal opinion, only if you let it be... Yes it's hard not to be able to eat lasagnes, or pizzas, or even veg... but no-one is making you go without, you have obviously made the decision to seek out CD in the first place and I think a lot of people forget this... I personally don't understand the people who lose 10lbs in week one and then get disappointed and annoyed cos they've slowed down to a 3lb loss in week 2 and maybe a 2lb loss in week 3 - to me you need to try and always live on the edge a little, step back and see that that's an amazing loss of 15 lbs in just 3 weeks! The results can be so so amazing!

I'd say start now if you can, a terrible thing of a dieter is to 'put it off til later'... Plus you can do Sole Source til your hols then move up a plan so you can incorporate having a meal everyday the week you're away... that way you can still be focused and don't pile on more weight through indulgence whilst away, which will lead you to feel even more upset and doubting even more that you can do it... it's a bad bad cycle that I know only too well! :rolleyes:

As for headaches, I suffer from them terribly, but starting CD I find helps easing them - no bad foods to trigger them off, no stressing over my weight (feel much calmer on the diet as feel in control, feel like am finally doing something instead of just lamenting how unfair it all is!)... And as long as you keep drinking that water and keep yourself hydrated, your headaches should ease - your body will self-cleanse and you'll notice great stuff too like your skin will glow and feel better cos of all the water, cos you'll be pee'ing more then so much more waste will be flushed through your kidneys quicker so not clogging up your body... It does wonders for you that H2O...

Plus, as the lbs start to come off and you see the scales sliding downwards you'll have a spring in your step and a smile that comes only from knowing the success of beating the battle of the bulge...

You can do it, and this site is amazing for all the support and also the advice - no question is too daft or too embarrassing...

Good luck with it and you'll be back to a size 14 and having baby no2 before you know it! :)

tinks x

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