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Hello! Newbie here!

Hey everyone!

I am new to this site, and I will be starting Cambridge real soon (like next week!). I have a substantial amount of weight to lose, but I am going to be working it off in small goal amounts, like getting under 400lbs, lose 100lbs...etc.

I just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself. I am excited to start as I really want to shift this weight. The sooner I start, the sooner it will come off. I am living in New Zealand at the moment, but I will be returning to the UK (where I am originally from) sometime next year, and I would like to look slimmer and sexier when I return and just blow everyone away as I was this big when I left.

I am also going to be 30 in 20 months time, and I would like to actually be at target for that time. I have wasted enough of my life as a gelatinous blob, and I am not going to hit 30 that way!!

That's about it for now!
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Hello crimson vixen

Welcome to the CD site. Good Luck with the diet - it is great that you have such a special goal for celebrating your 30th birthday.
Breaking the weight loss down into manageable chunks sounds extremely sensible.
Hope to 'see' you around and hear your progress.


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Hello and welcome! What a great goal - to go home and surprise everyone!
Hi crimson vixen,

I'm going to be starting Cambridge sometime next week too :) I look forward to hearing how you are getting on!

I'm very impatient at the moment, having to wait for a GP appointment etc before I can begin. Raring to go :D

Best of luck on your journey!
Hi Everyone! Me too - I am starting on Monday. Have got all my packs ready and waiting and am ready to get stuck in. I did LL nearly two years ago and have put a substantial amount of the weight back on (eek!) so am looking forward to getting rid of it once and for all. I have now learnt my lesson the hard way! Good luck, onwards and downwards!
Hi crimson vixen, i seeing my CDC next monday after GP signed my form this week, so i will be starting ss on tuesday.
It good to hear you have a goal to aim for, mine is to lose 2 stone at first so i can return to fertility clinic, but i will continue CD until i hopefully receive iVF.


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well done on coming to the diet hun! Its wonderful!
Hope you get on ok! :D



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Hi Crimson & Jazmin,
Welcome to the world of CD ((HUGS)) I hope you have a sucesful journey and cant wait to see your progress xxx Feel free to chat at anytime. If you are having any problems or need to vent then i will try and help along the way. We are all here to support each other xx
Thanks for the warm welcome! I chose CD because of the fab (and fast) results that I have read about. With so much to lose it is disheartning to think that it could take an undisclosed amount of time to get to goal. But with CD (and other VCLD's I guess), you can say that the weight loss averages around 1 stone a month. So that equates to about 18 - 20 months. I think I can work with that!

It is also cool to see other people starting out at the same time as me. Good luck everyone!



One day at a time!
Hi Crimson Vixen and welcome (btw love the name!). CD is so brilliant that you will be seeing great results really soon. Imagine if you were at target by your 30th - what a great incentive. Keep coming here too, everyone is so supportive and inspiring and it makes CD even better!:)
Hi Crimson,

Firstly, a huge congratulations for taking that first step and making the decision to do CD!

Once you get your head into the right place, the diet is great and the results, as you say, are so fast that it's really inspiring. For me to reach a healthy BMI, I should lose 10 stones (4 gone after 4 months), so I can understand some of how you feel about the length of journey time.There will be times when it's a tough journey, but keep both your mini and final goals in mind and remember to use this forum to vent/celebrate/mump/get support!!!

Keep your mind focussed (easier said than done sometimes! lol) and don't forget to listen to what your body is telling you - you are your own expert!

Good luck. Looking forward to hearing how you're getting on!

Thelma xx


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welcome to minimins hun and good luck with starting next week x
I just wanted to add, after reading cazmilligan's sig, that when I was 17, I weighed 17 stone (I was heavy, but I didn't look too bad!), and I don't want to be 30 stone at 30!!!!! I have more or less been the same stone as my age since then. I have been around the 30 stone mark for about a year now, the only time I have managed to maintain my weight for about 10 years!!!

I don't do too badly considering my weight, but enough is enough. When I fly back to the UK, I don't want to have to ask for a seat belt extension!!
Hi Crimson Vixen

Good luck with your challenge - I'm sure you will do fantastically well.

We are looking to move to NZ around July next year when my husband finishes his last bit of uni. Where are you? We are looking at Wanganui or Hamilton.
Hey Mrs Z! We are currently living near Turangi, on the southern end of Lake Taupo. We have been all over the North Island and will be doing the South Island in a few months. I love Hamilton, it is a really nice city and we have spent some great days there, including Christmas day last year when we ate fish and chips in the back of our van for xmas dinner! Wanganui is great too, although we have not spent as much time there.

I love NZ very much. I did think that we would stay here and apply for residency, but it is unlikely that we would be accepted because of my (and my husbands) weight. We would probably fail the medicals. It truly breaks my heart to leave as I have really fallen in love with this country.

We are undecided as to Wanganui or Hamilton - my husbands sister lives in Wanganui and his nephew lives in Hamilton. They have been out there for 15 years and said it is the best thing they have ever done.

They were both over last month for a trip and we just can't wait to get on with it after they brought all the details and more photos.

I got 150 points on the scoring system so get automatic entry and when he is finished at uni he will have 140 so we are looking pretty good. Just got to get the last part of his uni done and we are ready to go.

If it's just the weight that is keeping you from residency, CD is going to get that sorted. I know you say you have a lot to lose but take it in small sections and look at it only 2 stone at a time. What better motivator to get it done than to stay in NZ.

Besides you might still be there when we arrive.

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