Hello, newbie here


Hi ladies, sorry if I should be posting elsewhere, I just wanted to introduce myself.
My name is Lisa and I have been following the SW plan on and off for about 5 yrs. Last year however, I was very ill and spent a long time in intensive care, not being able to eat I lost so much weight. When I came home, I was and still am unable to do much excercise and once I started eating again, as you can imagine, the weight piled back on. I am now back where I originally started years ago, but without the benefit of being able to do much physically. I am determined this time I will STAY there when I reach target (I keep telling myself I will get to target lol). I know the plan better than I know myself, so I am pretty confident that I can do this!
Anyway, I am sure I will find lots of inspirations and alse some delicious recipe ideas here.
I look forward to getting to know you guys.
Lisa x
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Hi Lisa, good to have you here with us! Sorry to hear you have had a rough time of things in the past but happy to see you here sharing you story and being so positive about things! Good luck on your SW journey xxxxx


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Welcome Lisa

Just to remind you we are not all ladies on here either ;)



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Hi and Welcome to minimins ... Good luck on your weight loss journey xxxx


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Welcome to the Forum! Hope you have a good time and get to target soon!


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Hi Lisa. Sounds as if you've certainly been through it the last year. I'm sure you'll be soon back on track and good luck with your recovery.


Thankyou for the lovely welcome, and Steve, I am sorry, of course there are men here, doh!! I didn't think,sorry :)
Lisa x