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Hello, Newbie here!!


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G: 10st7lb
Good Morning all

I'm entirely new to this Forum, and will be starting SW tomorrow - need to create a plan for the week today, and shop. But I have weighed in and I have 5 stones to lose to get to my personal target.

I've tried all kinds of diets before, and lost on them all. Atkins, WW and SW. I was always slim, size 10, until I was in my early 30s, and then weight started to creep on. I recently found an old SW membership card and I had written my weight as 10stone 4lbs, and next to it the comment "disgusted at self". My god, that is just 4lbs more than I want to get to now at target!! A failed marriage and the piles start to creep on, "comfort eating", and despite meeting and marrying a lovely guy in 2005, I was larger at that wedding, don't have a single photo of the event, and hated the way I looked. I am now 48

I have no children, but other than that the usual issues that hit us all during our life, had an early menopause 4 years ago. Have a dog who I walk every day, plus my job involves walking alot. I have a longstanding back injury so can't do alot of exercise because I pay for it not being able to move my back at all later, so tend to walk for exercise. I joined a gym to use the treadmill mainly but wasted a hell of a lot of money before I could cancel because I felt so self conscious when I went. I am only 5' 2.5" and therefore I look like a little barrel. I have a huge issue with self image. I also used the weights there to try to tone the upper body, but have had not one, but 2 frozen shoulders and am unable to get full range of movement in either shoulder.

It sounds like I am making excuses, I really am not. I found a pair of pink weights in the garage yesterday so I am going to clean those down and use them a couple of times a day, but not sure what to do with them!!

My biggest problem is willpower. I start over with "today will be the first day of the rest of my life" and by tea-time I have ruined it. I gave up smoking after 22 years simply by stubbing a cigarette out and never having another one, that was 9 years ago, so I know I can do it if I put my mind to it.

I want my health to improve, I have started to feel aches and pains where I shouldn't, get stiff on getting up, creaking knees!! I know that if I don't lose weight I am at risk of various diseases and I really want to have a long and healthy life. I looked at some of your before and after photo's last night when I found this site, and they have been truly inspirational.

Good luck to everybody, sorry for a long ramble (believe me I could have carried on :D ) and I hope to be true to myself with the support of the board and its users!

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