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Hello :) Newbie here

Thought I would introduce myself!
I started Atkins Induction for the third time on monday at 14st 6lbs :cry:

I have stopped in the past because of boredom but I have since discovered the low carb megastore and planning on putting in an huuuuge order to get me through.

Has anyone found that any of these products have stalled their losses? I am planning on staying with the 20g carbs until I have lost 3 stone then moving on to OWL. I just need to prevent boredom and I also need convenience during exams.

Also any advice would be very much appreciated!
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Thank you for the warm welcome :)
I am currently sat here planning my meals for the next month down to the very last detail so that I dont have to think about what to eat while I am coping with exam stress!

I am about to attempt a MIM too haha
Hi hun and a huge welcome!

I love mims .. only discovered them about 3 days ago but my fave is for brekkie with ham & cheese! mmm mmm mmm

We are all here for help & advice!

Good luck

welcome .......... in between exams ...post on here .......... we will keep you on the straight and narrow !! xx
Thanks!! I am planning on stocking up so I have no reason to shop or leave the house haha

I am going to go hell for leather on this flab once and for all. I have my gym induction next week too.

I am still lost in wonderment on the LCM website! I feel this could be what keeps me on the straight and narrow xx
Muffin in a minute :)
I cant say I enjoyed mine too much, it was a very odd eggy texture!
Ohhh no don't say that!! I have just planned a whole months plans on 2 atkins products a day and a few other low carb goodies!! Dont take the tortilla wraps from me!!!!
Haha, amazing what a bit of low carb MDF can do ;)
whack some splenda on it!


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1) try toasting your mims. I don't like them just cooked but love them toasted and it takes the egg flavor away

2) yeeees you may find some of the LCM products stall you. It depends what you get. Personally I used no low carb replacement stuff for the first 6 weeks or so, and that is when I had my best losses. My biggest problem is with anything sweetened with polyols. One Atkins bar in a week is enough to stall me. Other people can eat more and still lose but it's best not to rely on them too much.

I get the dietimeal chocolate shakes, which I have 3 - 4 times a week and don't think I have a problem with. They're sweetened with sucralose which is the sweetener dr Atkins recommends (the bars are made by the company but wouldn't have been approved by Atkins while he was alive).

I've also just started getting a few bread type replacements, the fresh bread which I freeze and allow myself 1 slice as often as I want - as long as I'm within carb limits. They're only 1.8g carbs and I'm keeping an eye to see if they stall me. I did stall last week, but I blame an emergency Atkins bar for that right now.

I got the pittas and have had one so far. They won't be a regular thing. Basically I try to keep any low carb products to 1 a day and I think it's working ok. And of course I stay away from the polyols.

Get most of your carbs from veg, eat plenty of protein and have the occasional low carb product when you're bored, but don't let yourself rely on them. That would be my v. Longwinded advice.

Good luck!

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