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hello :o)

Hi there,

I'm completely new to this and not really done the whole dieting thing before.

I tried atkins about 8yrs ago and lost 2st but put almost 4 back on, kinda gave up on dieting then but I somehow managed to lose the extra 2st over the years and get back to my usual weight!

Anyway, I decided enough is enough! I really ought to do something about it so I ordered a week's trial of exante to see how it goes.

Had my first shake this morning - was really thick n gloopy so I think I might be watering those down in future...

I'm glad I found this little forum, I'm keeping the whole thing on the down low because I want people to see results before they criticise me for going vlcd.
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I think if you water them down tthey are much better
I do
I make both of them up to about a pint
I make the soup up in a big mug & eat with a spoon whilst watching neighbours ( you don't have to watch neighbours :D)

it adds to your liquid intake

I also eat half my bar for lunch at my hungriest (11.30)then the other half an hour later or more
as for whether its good or bad
I explained to my OH about the diet & how it is supposed to have pretty much all the nutrients in it, and he is happy

its a short term thing comparing to years of keeping the weight?
which is much worse for you I am sure

besides I am not eating all the sweets & puddings I normally eat
and the added salt to my food
and who eats properlt at this time or year really

show me someone who is having nowt but salads & I will see a Rabbit

Good luck welcome
maggie 10th day & 10lbs off so far :D


taking it 1 day at a time
Welcome and good luck ROsie.
Be warned - the first week is the worst bit, as your body is just getting used to not being fed, and it will protest. The first week on any VLCD can be really quite tough. So don't base your opinion of the whole diet on just this first week. I suppose to give it a proper go, you'd need 2-3 weeks to get a proper idea. Give youself a chance to get used to it before throwing in the towel.

But if you put it in context - it's quite an extreme diet and not meant to be fun, you will see some pretty instant results.

Good luck :)
Thanks for the advice :) Feeling a little bit light headed this evening but still optimistic and the meals didn't taste as bad as I expected. Had the banana shake, choc orange bar and mushroom soup.

Took your advice on using more water in the soup, Maggie, and plan to do the same for the shake tomorrow morning!

Just need to keep up the water intake - I'm a bugger for not drinking even as much as the average person so I think this 2-3lt business is gonna be the toughest bit for me.
Hi good luck :),

First week is hard due to withdrawal but.... you started and that's the hardest bit of all .Just admitting you need to do something drastic like a VLCD is the biggest hurdle ,the rest is just a small blip on a long term plan .

i struggle with the water too but honestly its a good idea to drink 2 litres minimum try having a bottle of water on you all the time .i used to decant in to a smaller bottle seemed less daunting that way :D
Lightheaded is normal for the start, it goes away though. :)

Although I did have trouble working out something in my head yesterday, which I found a bit odd. Might have been the early start, though.

I water down the spacefood, too. And be sure to chew the bars slowly and thoroughly. Your only solids of the day last a bit longer, then.

Earlier, I just waded in and forgot to say Hi, BTW :D
Cheers for the advice and encouragement Ladies :) Surprisingly chipper today to say I have a fuzzy headache. Might have been the cheeky little weigh in this morning...
I actually "mmm"'d whilst eating my choc orange bar today...
I think it was more at the feeling of solid food in my mouth than the taste :D
hi rosie welcome , good luck with the dieting once you get the first week out the way which is the worst you will be well on your way to reaching your goal. :)
good luck.. I think though, that real food is the answer
...and I think that when you have reached the stage where you have a bmi of over 40 and can't go upstairs without getting out of breath you may be qualified to comment. :)
If this is the worst week then I am feeling quite optimistic! (Or is that just like a day three thing??) First two days were a bit rubbish but minimal fuzzyness today :) And as for:

real food is the answer
Maybe one day and hopefully soon but I can't remember the last time I weighed the same as you (maybe 11yrs old?). You are quite clearly already blessed with an intuitive knowledge of how to eat real food and maintain a healthy weight. Others like myself need to retrain ourselves and taking food out of the equation for now just might be our answer.

But thank you anyway and good luck to you also.
I agree Rosie Kate - real food may well be the answer if you only have relatively few pounds to lose like Walkonby, but when you've struggled most of your life to control your eating and have tried every diet under the sun - lost weight - gained weight - real food isn't the answer. This is the first time I feel that I can actually control my weight and can reach my goal. I am beginning to feel that I can eat food and not lose control, but it is early days yet!

Everyone is different - everyone has different issues - everyone has different demons - everyone has to deal with their problems differently - all we can do is support each other.
LOL Rosie you put that so much nicer than I did! :eek:

Glad you're feeling a bit better, it took me til about day 4 or 5 I think.

One tip I got off a friend (who lost about 9 stone last year on LL) for the light-headedness is that it will be a lot better if you have a pinch of salt in your soups. I tried it and it did seem to make a difference.
Thanks, Yam! Feeling pretty great today but will definitely keep it in mind if I'm feeling a bit woozy this evening :)

Hehe, yeah perhaps it was put a little nicer but you just said it how it is! Kudos to you :)
And, yummy, that's great that you have the confidence to believe that you can have a healthy relationship with real food in the near future! Dare to dream and all that :D
good luck.. I think though, that real food is the answer
Thanks for your input. Helpful, and well argued, clearly.

If real food was the answer I wouldn't be sitting here, on this site, reading your truly encouraging comments. I look forward to the day when I feel entitled to judge and pass comment on your choices.

Thanks again. Have a grrrreat day.



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