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Hello peoples!!!


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Hi guys!!!! How is everyone?!! So sorry I've been away so long. I was suffering morning sickness and feeling really terrible for so long and anything food related made me feel worse. It sounds so weird but seriously, coming on to this website actually made me feel sick! I totally went off food and any talk of food made me hurl.

The good news is I feel much MUCH better now! I feel more like myself, more interested in food and nice healthy food too. Fruit has never tasted so good to me and I just relish every mouthful of food. I can't eat much at a time. Not sure if this is pregnancy related or if my tummy has shrunk from eating so little but it doesn't take much to fill me up. So I eat little and often with lots of snacks in between :D

The good news is I'm 3lbs lighter than my last WI so I'm 10st 1lb now. I'm looking forward to gaining healthily and enjoying lovely SW food and cooking again. My poor husband has had to eat rubbish for the last 2 months lol!

I'm 16 weeks pregnant now and still look very UNpregnant! No one believes me but it's okay, I'm still enjoying wearing my nice clothes and looking good. I'm sure my belly will pop out in the next few weeks anyway. The doctors are happy with baby's progress and growth so I'm not worried. Had my scan a few weeks ago and everything was spot on. Turns out that I was a week further along than we thought lol.

Anyway just wanted to say hi again. It's good to be back!
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Now to maintain.....
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ooooooo so glad to hear from you!!! was worried when you dissapeared.
glad to hear everything is going well and wow! on being lighter :)


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Welcome back honey and congratulations on your wee bundle of joy event to come. :D Glad you are feeling better xx


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Glad to hear that you are feeling better and everything is progressing well.

Enjoy your pregnancy :D and hope you keep up updated.
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ahhhh welcome back Honeyoc!!! glad everything is ok with you and baby, you have been missed!! have you been having any funny cravings or were you just off food altogether? :) xx
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Welcome back :D good to hear you're feeling better and keep us updated with baby news :)

Good job on the loss and kudos for eating healthy, the baby will definitely benefit :)
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Glad to hear your ok now. Congratulations on the pregnancy, take care x

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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Hellloooo! Glad to hear all good with you and the bump xxx


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welcome back honeyoc you have been missede.

So glad you are feeling much better and heres wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy x
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Glad your bun's cooking nicely :)
Awww great to hear all is well for you!

We did wounder what had happened to you - i've been looking forward to hearing all about your pregnacy cravings, sounds like they might kick in soon! haha

Its so hard isn't it when you feel so dreadful ! My 1st I absolutly sailed through but my 2nd, eurgh!! Awful, lik eyou felt utterly dreadful & the thought of food was just wrong!! haha

Anyway - great to hear all is going well x x

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