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Hello Slimmers World peeps


Want to do it this time!!
Hey Phoenixb, there's nothing to be afraid of!! :eek: SW is a great way to lose weight and everyone here is so friendly and offers so much support whenever you need it!! :D
Join us and have fun.;)

Scouzer. X


Nojo on the YoYo
It might seem daunting at first, but once it clicks it's incredibly easy to follow. When you come back from class, make a cuppa and read your books from cover to cover. Buy a magazine too and get some inspiration for meal ideas and visit the recipe section here often!

You'll be shocked at how easily you get into it. xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
You'll be eating healthily and need never be hungry! Just abandon all the ideas you learnt about dieting! Eat all your syns and all your free food! You can eat loads and still lose lots of weight! Do a food diary and come on here and ask loads of questions!
I'm going to be new to SW aswell. I'm not actually going to go to a class but to do it myself, hopefully this wont be a bad idea. I did do SW years ago though so i know the jist but i also know it has changed....

Good luck to you and me both, it seems there is tons of support here :)
Hi Phoenixb,

I did WW a few years back & lost a mere 7lb in 14 months (wasted lots of money there :( )

SW is good as there's so much choice & you'll never be hungry.

Once you get your head around it you'll be well in the swing of things, look through the books & buy the magazine if you can as there are so many ideas in there for meals.

One piece of advice I will give is weigh everything that should be weighed, dont guesstimate!! Thats one area I really messed up on hence why its taken me much longer. Let us know how you're getting on :)
Thanks Lisa, if I get stuck then least I can ask here, all very weird. I have a friend who wants to come with me for support, but not sure if thats a good idea or if I should just focus on this on my own???? x
My advice would be...forget everything that you followed when doing WW, none of it counts with SW!!! You can eat!
I think going with a friend to classes is a great HELP! A bit of friendly rivalry between you can be such an incentive, and you can help each other to stay on the straight and narrow when times get difficult!

Wishing you the Very Best of Luck.
Will your friend also be doing SW? I started with a friend & found it easier as we talked about SW a lot so we were focused, she's sort of given up & Ive carried on but her doing it also didn't hinder my results.

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