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hello sw


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Hi everyone. well after almost a year of on again off again CD I have decided to defect to SW. i am consumed with guilt about it at the moment and feel badly that i am letting my cdc down but i was wasting lots of money on cd by losing then gaining and in the end had learned no new eating habits so here i am.

I have 2 stone to lose more or less and i am not actually starting till next monday - but i have a couple of questions if thats ok:

i havejoined online ( body optimise) and have read and read teh info given but cannot see anywhere what drinks are allowed - - i failed on cd partly cause i couldnt stop the diet coke - is dc allowed on sw?

also - i would love your suggestions for packed lunches ( which i will take for work ) and eating out - i am airline crew and spend 3 - 21 days at a time in hotels when away on trips - i either eat in hotel coffee shops or cafes/restaurants/delis etc whereever i am at the time

i am having a good browse through thgis forum as i am sure there are suggestions for both on here - so apologies in advance if i am asking stuff thats already covered

will start a diary when i start to eat the sw way and look forward to meting you all
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hi ya, diet coke (or any other diet drinks) are allowed they are free so you can have as much as you like.
I cant really help with the packed lunches im afraid but im sure someone on here can :)
Good luck! xxxx
hiya, yep I do the Coke zero thing, as I love my fizzy drinks.
I don't do packed lunches, but things like pasta and couscous would be good items, together with loads of fruit. You can also do small containers of items to put on a big sandwich, which, depending on what you put on it, would go towards your healthy extra B.
I also have a Chocolate Nutrigrain bar each day as well, only 3 1/2 syns, so that is the chocolate fix for me.
Ever day or two, I cook up a big plate of penne pasta, and then throw it into the fridge, so when I get the munchies I can fill up on that, free on green.
Hope you are able to find something that suits you, and good luck on your journey to a slimmer you!!


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All diet fizzy drinks are free, most sugar free squashes are free. I have flavoured sparkling water (no added sugar) as that is also free.

I always take packed lunches to work. I am train crew so I know what it's like to be travelling around all day although we don't have to stay away. My usual lunch is:

Cheese (HEA) and marmite sandwich on brown (HEB), fruit (lots of!), 2 Alpen light bars (HEB), Boots Shapers bar (4.5 Syns), Quavers (4.5 Syns). By having that during the day I can choose either to ge green or red in the evening.


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well taz thanks so much for that it helps a lot

have to admit i have been reading your posts for a few weeks and you are part of the reason i decided to switch to sw

Drop the guilt girl and cook up a big bowl of cheesy pasta! I lost nearly 2st on SW before I got married - it took me a couple of months but I can't 'do' deprivation so it's the only diet for me!

I travel a lot with work & stay away - I have Weetabix for breakfast (Healthy A for milk & B for Weet) & some Mullerlight & fruit (free). Lunch can be flavoured packet couscous (mostly free or 1 syn) and some salad.

Evening meal I have jacket & beans from the bar snacks menu! It's not easy when you're away but it can be done. As you can see I'm a Green Plan person; I guess Red days would be easier as you can have steak or something at the hotel.

Snacks I like Ryvita Minis Salt & Vinegar (Healthy B) and Baby bels (Healthy A).

Good luck & keep us posted.


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doughnut thats really useful - thank you - - i will be a green plan girl too as i only eat meat about once a week even when not dieting - am hoping my books will arrive today - if not ill have to print all teh pdfs out off the website - and then i shall shop and be all set to go

thanks again


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Hey Slushy! *waves madly*

I've defected from CD too - we should do it together! I'm going to go to a meeting tonight and see whats what.

I'm contenplating coming over to sw from cd too, had a really really bad migraine yesterday and feel like I want food now, but still got nearly 2st to loose, think I will use up my shakes I have left and then switch over, my belly is rumbling now just thinking about going shopping for my food!!!!!! OHHHHH I will change over defo so I'll be on this site in future good luck to you all and see you soon, I'm going to go to my meeting on thursday night so I'll sign in on friday with you lot, if you dont mind that is?? XXX


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Chika - fancy seeing you here! yes come on girly lets do it!
my books arrived this morning so am planning tomorrows menu and writing out my shopping list : )


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susieq, would be fab to have you join us too
the more the merrier and i have to say the more people i commit with the more likely i am to stick to it!


Call me Nicky xx
susie Q, I left CD last Wednesday, I started easy on food (as the stomach shrinks) and went easy on the carbs. I have been out for two meals since leaving CD, one on Fathers day (Turkey & Veg) and one on Monday (Chicken pie and chips) and felt fine. I have even had chocolate peanuts!!!. I have not gained more than 2lb since leaving CD and that was in the first few days where I had water retention and my body just stored some carbs naturally to restock. I feel 100 times better than I did on CD and am really enjoying food again, even food I couldn't eat like onions !!. I started eating the SW way yesterday and it's easy, tasty and soo healthy. To start with I felt really guilty about coming off and with 5 1/2 stone to lose I felt I was making a mistake but I really recommend it. whatever you choose good luck xx


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well i have been off cd for over a week so i am just going straight into sw tomorrow morning

there are lots of people on here who defected from cd - perhaps one of them can be more helpful to you : )
I've decided, I'm changing over to sw, just going to jump in the shower then off down to Asda to get all my lovely healthy food, got my 1st meeting tomorrow night yipee........ That headache yesterday was so bad it frightened me and I dont want it to happen again, I'm going to be going up a stage at cd now anyway to having food, so I might as well change over now and save myself a fortune. looking forward to meeting you all xx


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Hi there Slushy - I know, its strange not being in teh CD forum. When I was on it I only ever went there but its lovely here and I'm so excited about slimming world. Are the books easy to understand? Suzie and Nicky come along and join in! CD is great but its not for everyone and I've just decided to stop punishing myself and eat - loosing this weight isn't a race at the end of the day!
Well said chika, I've lost 2st with cd, now I can loose another 2 st with sw and maintain forever as it easy to adapt sw where ever you are. Heres to our future being slim and happy good luck to us all XX

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